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Smell Beautiful With This All Natural Solid Perfume!

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Samyak Naturals Solid Perfume

Since ancient times perfumes have been an integral part of our routines. Be it in a simple form of fragrant rose water or some extravagant French perfume. People from all strata of society at some point of time in their life have been using perfumes. Which is why this little product has evolved to a great extent. Sprays, Mist and now this trend of waxy like solid perfumes have hit the markets. Bought this product from Samyak Naturals to give this trend a shot and see if it really outperforms than its predecessor.

Price: INR 329/- for 10 gms

Packaging: Packaged in a small yet sturdy tin with tight screw lid which makes it spill proof. Although given the texture its not possible to spill so that’s a big yeah.

Texture taste smell: It is has a very pleasant soothing fragrance. Texture it is like wax packed in tin. Just rub a finger on the product till it’s a bit moist with the product and then apply on pulse points.

Product Description: This vegan solid perfume is perfect alternative to perfumes which are full of chemicals and alcohols. It keeps you fragrant all day setting a positive atmosphere. 100% Vegan All-Natural, Organic Ingredients: No alcohol, No Colour are used.

Key Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Candelilla wax, fragrance.

Personal Experience: I have definitely used this product for quite some time now. Personally, I always tend towards perfumes as in who wouldn’t wanna smell good all day. This little concept I totally adored it. Though it is not that long lasting as to some other perfumes which I use. But then for the most part of day it definitely did its job. What I loved about it is how it sits beautifully on our pulse points with its notes opening up gradually as the day passes. It indeed is very mild yet soothing. So, if you are someone who sweats heavily or has an extreme lifestyle like some sports person it definitely won’t do any good for regular use. But other than that, it’s quite a good product especially for people who have underarm reactions with the use of body sprays. As its all organic with no alcohol it definitely is a big yeah. Also, its compact size makes it quite handy specially during parties or weddings when you carry those mini purses you can definitely shove it in.


•Easy to use

•Small travel friendly packaging

•Soothing Fragrance

•100% Natural, cruelty free and vegan

•No chemicals, no colors, no alcohol


•Not that long lasting