Paneer Tikka Cashews To Wasabi Peas: Upgrade Your Snacking Game Here!

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Go Nuts

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What Makes It Awesome?

Aren’t you tired of those outdated, fried and unhealthy snacks? Are you looking for a flavour blast to accompany your masala chai? Or maybe your mini bar out of quirky and tasty chakhnas? Worry not, because we are here to rescue you from going nuts with GO NUTS! Go Nuts is a super tasty brand offering a variety of nuts and mixes in amazing different flavors that will leave you asking for more. Oh - and to top it all off, these snacks are super healthy in nature. So get ready to replace your junk snacking with these delectable nuts and snack mixes.

This scrumptious venture started out in 2007 with a mission to replace our junk eating tradition with healthier choices and they sure have done that. Go Nuts has all kinds of nuts (literally!) to satiate your nibble cravings. From a 4’o’Clock nut munchies that could be best friends with your tea to the party mixes that could spice up your cocktail party, they have it all. We loved their Paneer Tikka Cashews that had this smoky flavour and also their piquant Wasabi Green Peas we munched on with khichdi. Plus if you are in a mood to taste something sweet and healthy, their Sea Salt & Caramel almonds, coated in a brownish caramel-sesame batter and their Berry Cherry Mix are just the snacks for you. So what's holding you back from eating right and tasty? Hurry up and grab your cart before you run out of chakhnas again.


You won’t have to spend a hefty amount to grab these lip-smacking healthy nibbles because Go Nuts with its quirky packaging and tasteful healthy nuts, offers all of its snack jars at a pretty reasonable price. We have already added these delish nuts to our shopping cart, what about you? Go ahead and shop them from Shop On LBB! Happy Shopping and Snacking!