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Stationery Addicts, This Famous Brand Has Chic Stationery You Must Hoard!

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What Makes It Awesome

A lot of us now have evolved tastes when it comes to stationery and notebooks. Sleek lines, bold colours and evergreen undertones are what our eyes gaze at the most. Couple this with cool gear like wireless charging and you're really grabbed our attention. 

William Penn, a brand that a lot of us stationery hoarders are familiar with, is known for its classy pen collection, but beyond that, we're intrigued with their 'Pennline' collection that has a host of pens and lifestyle accessories with contemporary designs and are, let's say, not that cheap, but not inaccessible either. 

 This series has notebooks and organizers with wireless charging, filing metal cabinets with slim folders (LOVE!), beautiful leatherette journals that contain replaceable note books (quickfills) and are compact and easy to carry, ruled notebooks, hard bound note books, pen sets, RIFD wallets, wireless desktop chargers with a dock, pen cases, utility pouches and so much more. We're in awe just looking at their pen collection too, with cult classics also being available for purchase.

The price begins at INR 200 for Quickfill notebooks and can go up to INR 5,950 for organizers with wireless charging and power banks. If you really want to pen down your thoughts in a notebook that's worthy and with a pen that translates what the mind thinks, check them out.


The also have lovely gift wrapping paper for INR 50 that's available, so it's a blessing if you've always wanted gift wrapping paper that's not the usual. Also, make sure you keep checking their website, there's a sale section that might interest you.