Very Very Socksy: Keep Your Toes Warm With Star Wars & Disney Themed Socks

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you believe it or not, the benefits of wearing socks are many. And we aren't just talking about wearing socks inside your shoes, but also while you call it a day and hit the bed. Socks lock the requisite moisture on your feet, keep it warm, and reduce it's cracking. They also keep your blood circulation under check. Now that we've laid the benefits down, it is time to introduce you to Supersox, which like its brand name, is super good! Here's why. 

Supersox is a premium and luxury sock brand that has a great collection for men, women and kids. We love that all their collections come in different cool themes. We're talking about Star War socks, Disney character socks, Superman socks and more. They come in different packs and start at INR 595 only. These socks come in pure cotton, are irritation-free, and can be washed in the machine too. We love the Frozen movie socks the most, and forget about kids wearing it, we think we'll hoard that up soon! 

If you're tired of the same old plain socks and want some funk, Supersox is a great brand to bookmark. You can add their collections to your cart through the LBB App. Happy socking! 


Supersox makes ankle-length socks in cotton, so if you're wearing them outdoors, be rest assured that your feet will feel super light.