Happy Feet! Show Off Your Sock Game With This Indie Brand

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Sock Republic

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What Makes It Awesome?

Who doesn't love a pair of quirky socks? It’s simply the best to get to peek out of your shoe. We have found Sock Republic that makes some cozy, comfy and quirky socks that you must have in your wardrobe to show off your goofy side.

With an intention to make the best and stylish socks for all those who love them, Sock Republic started a few years ago. Since its inception it has created a big impression. Their vibrant prints and patterns and comfortable material and fit are what's won us over. They have a special line of socks made from bamboo blend socks which are eco-friendly as well. These bamboo blend socks absorb moisture from your feet and prevent them from the stink. Since it is made from bamboo, these socks are also safe for sensitive skin types. If you are thinking that these blend socks are not going to be quirky enough, you'll be proved wrong. 

The brand derives its inspiration from nature and its different patterns. You will find prints of waves, stars, fruits and other things. They also have prints in geometric patterns. You will also find striped socks with them in vibrant colours. They have designs for women as well as men. Their socks are also available in knee length and ankle length. No matter the size, they will not make you compromise on the funky factor. 

They also provide gifting options of their socks. Because their designs are free size, there’s no stress about the socks’ fitting. They also have special designs for special occasions such as Raksha Bandhan, Valentines Day, birthdays or other such times. The prices start at INR 349 for knee length socks, so it makes for a good gift too.