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In The Mood For Something Rummy? Check Out Mumbai's Best Tiki Bars

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Heard of a tiki cocktail or ever tried one before? These luscious and lip-smacking cocktails, inspired by the Polynesian culture, are predominantly rum-based cocktails with fresh fruits and a hint of coconut, served in mugs inspired by the Tiki culture {essentially wooden mugs with carvings}. Over the years, of course, these tantalising drinks have had many variants, however, these few places in Mumbai have managed to retain the tiki bar culture.


This swish new seafood joint in Mumbai has a lot beyond just fabulous food. It also has a well-stocked tiki bar, with mixes such as Michelada {hot sauce, lime, lemon, tomato juice, Worcestershire, soy sauce and beer}, Coco-oh {coconut washed rum, coconut washed Bacardi, coconut flesh, coconut water, vanilla syrup, almond syrup, coco real, coconut milk}, Head Hunter {Jim Beam, orange, lemon, lime, bitters} and more. These boozy drinks come with a bit of history about the tiki culture, making this an informative affair they’re not sure you will remember late {thanks to the drinks}.

Asado: The Cocktail Street

As the name suggests, this resto-bar located off SV Road is all about potent mixes. While they offer a varied range of drinks, some of the ones they specialise in are the tiki cocktails. Try their Tiki Mexicana and watch the fun as a hat makes its way to your table, comprising a heady mixture of white rum, tequila, cranberry and orange juice. Next up, try their Cactus Carnival {INR 525} which tastefully combines sweet pineapple juice, passion syrup, a secret infusion and a whole lot of tequila and is served in a tumbler with a man wearing a cowboy hat.


While tiki cocktails are traditionally based on dark or white rum with tropical fruits especially pineapple, malta, etc. {since its origin lies in the Hawaiian culture}, at Veranda, you will find them with an Indian twist. They have taken their Indian interpretation of the tiki culture and with India being a tropical country itself with the world’s most-selling dark rum (Old Monk), the folks have come up with their own own Tiki Signature, which is a mix of flavours such as kala khatta and chat masala with passion fruit, also combining both the rums (dark + white). You can try their other specials such as Mai Tai, Tiki Tea, Montego Bay and more, and all are priced at INR 700.

#LBBTip: You can also check out Café Terra which is located at the same hotel for their tiki cocktails.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen

The Daily has quite a reputation when it comes to making potent mixes. And with their tiki menu, they promise you some more giggles and fun. Try their Yellowbird, a perfect combination of white rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, banana and anise or their Exotica, which brings together white rum, Malibu, strawberry, pineapple juice, yogurt and banana. Their tiki cocktails are priced at INR 425.

Jamjar Diner

As part of an ongoing tiki cocktails festival, Jamjar has come up with some seriously delicious concoctions such as Blue Hawaiian (Bacardi white with fresh pineapple blended with coco syrup and blue curacao), Bahama Mama (dark rum, coffee liqueur, pineapple juice and coconut syrup), Melon Head (fresh musk melon, midori with bacardi blended in sour mix), Aloha (fresh pear blended with tequila, orange liqueur and elderflower), Laka Nuki (white, gold and dark rum with orange juice and passion fruit syrup) and Cuban Diver (mojito with beer for that extra buzz). This cosy, beautifully done up diner will be stocking this exotic line-up until September 15, and your cocktail with a tiki twist will be priced at INR 327 (plus taxes) onwards.