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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Toshin Chocolate Patisserie In Chembur

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Toshin Chocolate Patisserie makes artisanal and handcrafted desserts and cookies, and if you are in Chembur, drop by to treat yourself to an exceptionally sweet session.

Death By Chocolate

When we tasted Toshin’s stuff, we were surprised – was such amazingness hiding in plain sight in Chembur? Apparently so. Each of Toshin’s desserts look beautiful, and taste both simple and complex at the same time. While the ingredients used are minimal – the passion fruit sorbet has three ingredients, for example – everything is balanced in such a way that the result is very refined.

Patissier Toshin is the man behind the brand Toshin Chocolate Patisserie. He is the one behind the delicious macaroons, pralines, cookies and our favourite, the summery sorbets {which will soon be sold in the store}.

The selection of desserts is extensive and aesthetically made. The handcrafted praline, which is basically a small-sized fudge filled with sugar, cream and other ingredients oozing heaven {read caramel/hazelnut/honey}. We think the desserts are a hit too. The scarlet {made out of raspberry cream and jellies}, the burlesque{ the richest and creamiest piece of dessert} and empress {a pina colada drink reconstructed into a mousse} among other desserts were light, creamy and had us going back for more plates.

What We love

Though we loved the pralines – they were rich, creamy and immediately melted into our mouths – our favourite Toshin dessert is the passion fruit sorbet as part of their tasting session. It was tangy, creamy and the after-taste did not leave us for a good couple of hours. We are eagerly waiting for the sorbets to come to the store, so we can get a scoop or two soon. The double chocolate chip cookie is a rave as well – it hits the right balance of being sweet n salty.

So, We're Saying...

We have enjoyed the delightful desserts, especially the macaroons and the sorbets . We now know if we want to taste summer in a scoop we can just drop by the store in Chembur and go for their passion fruit scoop. Also keeping a box of their macaroons in a box by the office table for our guilty snackable pleasures {we will work out later on, promise}.

Price: Macaroons INR 90 per piece {box of six INT 500}, Handcrafted pralines {box of 9 INR 600}, Cookies INR 100


Though the sorbets are yet to be launched officially, we have been told delivery service for it may be launched in a month or so as well. We will keep you informed.