The Vada Pav & Loaded Lassi At Pipasa In Borivali Is A Meal To Remember

    Borivali West, Mumbai


    This shop that has been around for ages serves insanely delicious vada pav and loaded lassi.

    Say Whaaat?

    Pipasa has a decent variety at real pocket-friendly prices. Try their batata vada, dahi samosa or samosa pav and we are sure you will love them all. They also have a range of lassi options – Punjabi lassi, mango lassi, badam {almond} lassi, etc. along with varieties of masala milk, milkshakes, etc.

    The small shop is often flooded with loyal customers, so you may have to spend a few minutes extra to lay your hands on the piping hot treats. Nonetheless, it is totally worth it! Also, don’t forget to take a coupon before you wait in the line.

    There is no parking available, so we suggest you walk the distance, because it will help burn those extra calories you pile on at Pipasa.

    So, We're Saying...

    Vada pav and lassi you say? We say Pipasa!

      Borivali West, Mumbai