Have You Tried All Of Mumbai's Most Unique Pav Bhajis?


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Think pav bhaji, think Mumbai. Oodles and oodles of layers of butter, cheese or even onion – pav bhaji may as well be the one thing Mumbaikars take pride in doing better in street food than Delhi. Reinvention is the name of the new food game, and good old comforting pav bhaji keeps reinventing itself. We bring to you the most unique ones from around town.

    Pav Bhaji Fondue


    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Moving away from the traditional mix – time you hit up Spice Klub for a pav bhaji fondue. A desi take on the cheese fondue, this one is perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with food and bhaji. With a bowl of bhaji, which is thicker in its gravy served with tiny pav sticks to dip in – this one is great for a group outing.

    Price: INR 395

    Pav Bhaji Cones

    Isn’t life wonderful when there are so many variations to food – even with a dish that comes from the streets? 145 Kala Ghoda has its own special take on this – pav bhaji served in tiny cones. Keeping aside our hesitation to take this on, we decided to try it out . Lo and behold, it’s actually pretty great. The soft buns aka pavs compliment the buttery hot bhaji filling really well. Though the cones are quite tiny {good for starters}, it’s an innovation we approve of with our eating hearts.

    Price: INR 200

    Pav Bhaji Tostados

    A modern tale of love affair started off when Spanish tostados collided with desi pav bhaji. The Spare Kitchen, know for its quirky and off-beat Indian dishes put in a twist – a tostada {grilled base of thin bread} topped with bhaji, onions and spices. Deliciously satisfying, though slightly overpriced.

    Price: INR 295

    Pav Bhaji Cheese Uttapam

    Banana Leaf

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    This all-vegetarian South Indian eatery, Banana Leaf in Andheri is a great place to fix our brunch worries. That said, like every South-Indian fusion dish in town, they serve a unique dish – pav bhaji cheese uttapam. Filled with bhaji and cheese, this uttapam is rather a crazy one. Definitely not the oddest twist – they also have pineapple apple uttapam and and honey coconut dosa – it’s a rather filling dish.

    Price: 170

    Pav Bhaji Pizza

    The Rolling Pin

    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    From the same brand as Spice Klub, Rolling Pin offers a really interesting pizza. Bombay Spice Pizza Pie aka pav bhaji pizza is our modern day’s Batman. It’s not tat we need it, we deserve it. Base topped with bhaji and ultimately with oodles of cheese is a marvellous one. We love it and highly recommend it. Do remember to keep your hesitations at home – it’s slightly offbeat but worthy a try.

    Price: INR 325


    It’s really spicy so we say get a bottle of coke to drown the flavours.