Momos For INR 60, Soup For INR 15 & More At This Food Corner That's Open Till Midnight

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Having heard of the once up and running khau galli in Navi Mumbai, we decided to make our way to Kharghar. Though the khau galli doesn’t exist anymore, an all-inclusive Utsav Chowk Fast Food Corner invites the crowd, and makes up for the lost lane.

Chow Down

Right after Utsav Chowk on the road to Panvel, Utsav Chowk Fast Food Corner is almost like a dhaba. They have spaces both outside and inside, however inside it can often get stuffy and crammed. We suggest you get the stools out, and plonk your hungry behind there.

We decided to sit outside since the weather was pleasant. The food corner has a lot of eateries within it, just like a food court does. They even have a coupon system; you pay first, and then get your order.

There’s everything you need at this food corner. We spotted The Top Ten Darjeeling Momos stall, Frankie, Jay Amba ice cream and kulfi, a pav bhaji stall, a shawarma joint, tikkas and biryani joint, and a small stall serving fresh juices. All in all, if you’re in the mood for variety, this one is perfect for you.

We ordered a plate of chicken tikkas {INR 60}, a plate of fried paneer momos {INR 60}, and a plate of steamed chicken momos {INR 70}. They were well-fried, delicious and really juicy. Vegetarians, please take note of the paneer fried momos, they are definitely somewhere in the top five joints for vegetarian momos. And the same goes for the chicken momos – basically the momos here are one of the best we’ve had. Period.

Sip On

They have a tiny café  called ‘Golden Cup’ in the corner, where they sell green tea {INR 10}, hot chocolate {INR 10}, and tomato soup for INR 15.

There’s also a tiny juice joint where you can order in fresh juices for INR 40 a glass.

So, We're Saying...

The food corner is all-inclusive food court that offers everything. From your South Indian to street food to good old momos. This place is really pocket-friendly because we must’ve had at least four plates of momos and tikkas and ended up paying around INR 200 in total {inclusive of taxes}.

So if you’re in Khaghar, do stop by here. Bonus point: it is open until midnight.