Order A Wholesome Vegetarian Thali From Bhagat Tarachand

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What Makes It Awesome

Craving a delicious vegetarian thali? Order from Bhagat Tarachand for some drool-worthy delicacies.

You know what the best thing about a thali is? It’s a plate full of pure awesomeness that gets you full in an instant. That’s right. And if you’re a vegetarian (or just a sucker for good food) then look nowhere else and order the iconic B. Bhagat Tarachand, an eatery Mumbaikars will resonate within an instant. Given that it has been around for decades, and branched out into opening many outlets across the city, there’s something about their outlet in Zaveri Bazaar that still pulls us towards it like some sort of a magnetic force.

From their basic and special thalis to takda dal and bhendi masala, order from this iconic joint for some really great and flavourful Indian food. What to expect in their thalis? They usually comprise of three chapatis, dal fry, veg sabzi, paneer sabzi, rice, papad, a glass of chhaas, and dessert. The thalis are heavy and delicious, and you might need a good nap after you’re done hogging here.

Price: Their special thali is INR 260. 


These guys are following the right practices to ensure safety and cleanliness. They've even got a hand washing station to ensure the delivery boys pick up your order with absolutely clean hands.