Four Stalls Every Vegetarian Needs To Eat At Outside Vile Parle Station

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We decided to hit up the famous khau galli in Vile Parle and discovered that it’s a vegetarian’s delight. It’s right outside the Vile Parle Station on Bajaj road, which you can easily walk to when it opens post 6pm. There we ran into a few loyal khau galli regulars who raved about their favourites, chowed down on over-sized gol gappas and had a sandwich at the sandwich shop that’s been there since 1981. Read on to know about our food-a-venture.

Vegetarian Sada Sandwich

We started off with the famous Lucky Sandwich and Pizza corner – in existence since 1981. From selling a sandwich at INR 1 to earning the most popular sandwiches of 2010 by Burrrp {which they proudly display}, this stall is pretty cool. The service is super quick and we were served our sandwiches in less than under three minutes. This place gets it loyal customers regularly, even the ones who’ve moved away.

We had the veg sada sandwich and veg paneer grilled sandwich and it was really fresh, overloaded with veggies and topped with green chutney.

Price: Veg sada sandwich INR 35, veg paneer grilled sandwich INR 130

#LBBTip: It can get crowded over the weekends but go anyway.

Paneer Schezwan Frankie

Right next to the original Lucky shop is Lucky Quality Frankie – serving all sorts of frankies imagined. The cook immediately tells us he can make anything schezwan so we were compelled to try it out. He makes it there and then – and will even customise add-on ingredients on request. Here we had the paneer schewan frankie and noodle schezwan cheese frankie – both pipping hot, delicious and a tad bit spicy to our heart’s content.

Price: paneer schewan frankie INR 70 and noodle schezwan frankie INR 90

Paneer Chilli Dosa

Next up was the highly recommended dosa stall ‘Saisamarth Dosa Centre’ and is easily spotted thanks to the crowd standing around it. It offers 50 types of dosas – that’s right 50 – that come in all sorts of different fillings. After asking around the regulars there we decided to go for their most-in-demand paneer chilli dosa and classic gini dosa – both really great choices we must confess.

The paneer chilli dosa is filled with diced paneer cubes, chilli, schezwan sauce {a theme at this khau galli} and lots of other veggies. Seeing it being made in front of us was pure magic and escalated our hunger. It’s served with two chutneys – coconut and a green chutney. Gini dosa was delicious as well and comes loaded with so much cheese that we had to pause before devouring every piece.

Price: Paneer chilli dosa INR INR 140, Gini dosa INR 120

#LBBTip: Come here guarded with lots of change and loose notes.

Delhi-sized Gol Gappas

Size does matter {at least when it comes to gol gappas} and we were reminded of our Delhi adventures when we saw the size of these babies. Next to the dosa stall is this Gol Gappa stall serving such big gol gappas which we honestly haven’t found in other places { do you know any?}. We ended our food journey here as we were slowly giving in to the food coma coming our way.

Price: Plate of gol gappa with six pieces {INR 40}


If you want to end it on a sweet note, check out New Pooja Malai Gola. They do at least 20 types of golas and its perfect on a warm night.