It's Vintage, Baby: 12 Furniture Stores In Mumbai That Take You Back In Time

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Long-lasting, beautifully crafted, and fitting in well with most contemporary home aesthetics, the Vintage theme happens to be a huge trend for home decoration in 2022. We definitely are fans of all things vintage and antique, and if you resonate with our feelings too, we have a few recommendations for you. Mumbaikars, head to these stores in the city to shop for vintage or vintage-inspired furniture now!  

P.S: Most of these vintage furniture stores house themselves in South Mumbai, which is known for being the hub of antique collectables since that part of Mumbai belonged to the British once. 

Taherally's, Lower Parel

Taherally’s, an iconic collectibles shop in Mumbai takes you back in time with its period furniture and furnishings. Housed in the Kohinoor Building of Lower Parel's Sun Mill Compound, this sprawling store has an air of mystique around it. For a brand that’s been around for 60 years now, they are like little treasure-finders who have dug up antiques from all over India and the world. From French silverware to large Chinese woodwork cupboards, brass floor fans, and wooden trunks, we found eclectic pieces that would make a large, bold statement wherever you put them.

Shell Out: As per the age of the antique. But approximately INR 20,000 onward 

What's More: We even found a miniature American pool table, leather suitcases, plaid trunks, and a bear-shaped ashtray.

Phillips Antiques, Wadala & Colaba

Located in Colaba and Wadala, this is probably one of the oldest antique stores that Mumbai has to offer. Opened in 1860, it’s a family-owned store that sells artifacts and colonial furniture that has been restored lovingly. They also sell antique maps, tribal and folk art, silver, lacquer, Oriental & European porcelain & pottery, hanging lamps, and Art Deco furniture. The Wadala store is where you will find most of the antique furniture. 

Shell Out: The pricing starts at INR 45,000 and depends on what you select. 

What's More: They've got beautiful religious showpieces that showcase various Gods and Goddesses. To add that vintage charm to your wall, you may want to take home one of them.

Ali's Handicrafts, Colaba

Digging up treasures and antiques from around the country has been Yasin Ali’s day job for the past 20 years. Come evenings, Ali moonlights at his antique shop, Ali’s Handicrafts, which is tucked away in the bylanes of upscale Colaba. This one's a reservoir of all things gold. Memories packed up in gorgeous chandeliers, lamps, cufflinks, metal tiffin boxes, gold stools and tables, and everything else that the eye catches. 

Shell Out: Ali does not have a fixed price for his vintage collection, it all depends on the age of the products. If he likes you as a customer, he might gift you one of his antique stone-studded rings too (speaking with experience). 

What's More: Ali also sells vintage locks and vinyl records 

Moorthy's, Tardeo

This warehouse in Tardeo is filled with vintage colonial furniture and ethnic artifacts from top to bottom, so you’ll really have to hunt if you’ve got something specific in mind. Their furniture includes tables, beds, chairs, boxes & chests, chest of drawers, frames, cupboards & showcases, sideboards, benches, and sofa sets. 

Shell Out: They will only tell you how much it costs once you enquire about a particular piece. 

What's More: They also stock ethnic artifacts, textiles, lightings, porcelain & ceramic ware, paintings, and jewelry.

The Great Eastern Home, Byculla

Located within The New Great Eastern Mills compound in Byculla, this vintage store is a hidden gem with its high-end artifacts, furniture, fine art, vintage decor pieces. Stepping into this gorgeous store is a little bit like stepping into a different era. As you stroll through the store, their beautiful handcrafted collection drawn from different eras and styles, that is, from Art Deco to Baroque, captures your eye. There are porcelain Chinese garden stools, ornate teakwood doll house-style chairs, and metal sculptures. 

Shell Out: INR 30,000 onward. But it also depends on which vintage piece of furniture you're taking. There are no two pieces of one particular piece of furniture. Every design here is unique and comes with its own price tag. 

What's More: You will also find sparkling chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, and more here, all displayed to stunning effect.

My Furniture Town, Santacruz

My Furniture Town is essentially a wooden furniture studio in Santacruz, that customizes whatever you want. If you’ve moved to the city recently, or have been looking to revamp your house with vintage tables and chairs, the studio has a lot to offer. Most of their furniture is carved out of rosewood. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, they also use plywood. From gorgeous colorful cupboards, side tables to drawers and wooden settles, they have it all on display for you to get an idea about what you may want.

Shell Out: INR 15,000 onward, depending on the size of the furniture, and how vintage it is. 

What's More: If you’re moving out of the city, or want to discard furniture, sell it back to them, and they will pay you 40% of the price back. Steal deal, no? 

Mahendra Doshi Antique Furniture, Malabar Hills

Established in 1974, Mahendra Doshi has two warehouses, one in Wadala and the other one in Walkeshwar, that house antiques and vintage furniture that is carefully restored. From wooden cabinets to garden urns and even cane Diwans, you will find it all.

Shell Out: They start at INR 50,000. 

What's More: A large part of Mahendra Doshi’s space is dedicated to the original unrestored furniture pieces from the colonies of the British, Dutch, French, and Portuguese. The styles are various from the Victorian, Gothic, Regency, Rococo moving into Art Deco and pre-modern retro furniture.

Rama Furniture Mart, Ulhasnagar

Tucked away in Thane's Ulhasnagar, Rama Furniture Mart has almost every vintage furniture design you've Pinterested. This store deals in ready-made and customized furniture like dining tables, side tables, dressers, study tables, couches, and more for you to hoard.

Shell Out: INR 12,000 onward

What's More: In case you are looking to get something vintage in particular, you can tell them your requirements and they’ll make it for you. 

MD Khalid Farid Khan, Oshiwara Furniture Market

This store is located at Oshiwara's furniture market that known for its great collection of second-hand furniture (vintage and otherwise) MD Khalid is an apt place to buy vintage furniture like tables, chairs, or bookshelves. If you're someone who wants to own classy-vintage things but are a little broke in life, then this is your kind of store. You can easily spot a furniture piece that will tempt you to buy it, even if you didn’t plan to. We love the vintage mirrors, chairs, and four-poster beds here the most! 

Shell Out: INR 8,000 onward

What's More: If you master the art of bargaining, you can easily get your hands on some great deals here. 

The Grand Trunk Furniture, Chor Bazaar

The Grand Trunk Furniture store in Mumbai's iconic Chor Bazar, is one of our latest finds, and also the answer to your hunt for vintage decor. As you walk in, you will notice the vintage-looking cabinets, tables, and trunks with their pastel paints and that ‘peeling’ look. They have a collection of both new and old furniture. Quite a few new pieces have been created and designed with an antique finish here. Some of them are old furniture redecorated and renovated to give it a modern twist too. You will see beautiful old carved wooden doors used to create cabinets and trunks too. 

Shell Out: INR 4,000 onward

What's More: The store also has a quirky collection of lamps created from parts of a cycle and a table created from half an old auto.

Concept Furniture, Jogeshwari

Want to do up your abode with wooden cabinets but also want a vintage feel to them? Look no further than Concept Furniture in Jogeshwari. While there may be a lot of furniture sellers in the vicinity, we like this shop because they are open to ideas, customization, and above all, bargaining. We spotted a one-and-a-half-door plywood cabinet (with three drawers), a two-door cabinet (with four drawers), and more. They have all kinds of cabinets available. You can buy ceramic knobs from any of the antique stores in the same market and tell them to replace the usually shiny ones (ones that originally are on the cabinet) with those. 

Shell Out: Smaller cabinets start at INR 5,000

What's More: The plywood used for making the vintage cabinets here is of good quality and is usually coated with a waterproof lining.

The Wood Of Arts, Goregaon

The blend of modesty and artistic work on antique and vintage furniture in this humble store fascinates many seekers of vintage furniture to date. The Wood of Arts sells some timeless furniture that includes a wide collection of period bedroom furniture like beds, dressing tables, and wardrobes, among other things. 

Shell Out: INR 7,000 onward 

What's More: While you're in this store, do not forget to check out the whole stretch of furniture shops in Goregaon's Bangur Nagar.