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Chocolate, Prawns & Vodka: The Weirdest Pani Puri In Mumbai You've Gotta Try

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Here’s a list of awesome places where you can feast on funky pani puris, satisfying both, the belly and the soul!

Gastro Pani Puri

If you’re the kind who likes a pretty plate as much as a pretty satisfying meal, head to Firki (Rs 250 plus taxes for a plate of 8) and SpiceKlub (Rs 325 plus taxes for a plate of 12) at Lower Parel for deconstructed pani puri. The little bites of happiness are served with jeera pani in a test tube and imli chutney in an injectable vaccine! Rest assured, the fanciness of it all takes away nothing from the taste of Mumbai’s beloved chaat staple.

Multi-flavoured Pani Puri

90 Ft Above at Borivali also serves pani puri shots with flavoured pani options, including pudina, pomegranate and pina colada. (Rs 185 for a plate of 8)

If you want to play it safe, no worries, for there is a small stall outside Virar station that serves pani puri in seven different flavours including regular, jeera, garlic, khajur-imli, pudina, nimbu-pani and even hajmola! (INR 20 for a plate of 7 puris).

Food and Taste Theory in Kurla offers super fun options of regular comfort food. Think fusion – tacos, nachos, pizzas, they’ve got it all! The puchkas here are one of their hot-sellers and come in 4 options- Dabeli, Italian, Schezwan and Pesto!


Non-Veg Golgappas

Are you a hard-core carnivore who detests all things vegetarian, even when it comes down to your favourite chaat? Well, compromise no more, ‘cuz we got you covered! Head to Craftbar at Bandra East (Rs 415 plus taxes for a plate of 6) for some delicious tasting Prawn Golgappas with Solkadi Shots replacing the traditional jeera pani. Don’t see red, eat red!

Alcoholic Golgappas

Kill two birds with one stone by visiting Pratap the Dhaba, that popular restaurant in Andheri West that serves Vodka Pani Puri (INR 243 plus taxes for a plate of 6) for those looking to start their evening on a rocking note. Hats off to the genius who introduced the trend of alcohol pani puri shots!

Dessert Golgappas

When we said pani puri could be a meal on its own, we weren’t necessarily alluding to wolfing down 2-3 plates of the stuff at one go. Instead, we dropped by at Goila’s Butter Chicken at Andheri West and tried out some delicious Chocolate Golgappas that not only look great but taste even better! (INR 135 for a plate of 4 puris).

Pani Puri Ice Cream

Pani puri for dessert? Yes please! Head over to any one of the 33 Apsara Ice Cream outlets in Mumbai to enjoy pani puri sorbet, a refreshing flavour that doesn’t feel too heavy on the stomach and can be enjoyed at any time of the day (we’re huge fans!) Prices start at INR 60 for a scoop!

Paneer Pani Puri

Head over to 3 Wise Monkeys to enjoy great bar food that includes paneer pani puri. A fun twist on your regular golgappas, this version is perfect for the adventurous eater who wants to try something a little different! Prices start at INR 230 for a plate