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Get In The Pool: Aqua Cycling Is The Perfect Workout For All Water Babies

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Water babies have another reason to workout and so do people who don’t swim – Aqua cycling will keep you fresh while you burn those calories.

What Is It?

A spinning class but in water. If you take up Aqua cycling, not only do you shape your body in a much more efficient way but also energise you mind. It combines the basic concept of a stationary bike spin class with water that adds up as a level of difficulty. Not only does it act as a ‘level up’ in the work out, the water provides cyclists with a degree of support for their limbs which is impossible to achieve on a normal stationary bike. While the added pressure of the water helps tone the core muscles, the ‘ zero-gravity effect’ provided by water takes it easy on joints and ligaments.

Sounds Good. Where Do I Go Do It?

AquaStrength has classes in Bandra throughout the week, barring Sundays {cause Sundays are meant for pizza}. Starting at INR 4,800, you can also sign up for a trial at INR 500 in case you want to give it a spin before you commit yourself to it.

So, We're Saying...

If you like to mix up your workouts with a something extra or are just against morbid form of exercise, Aqua Cycling can add that element of fun.

Sign up here or call 022 61222222