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Want To Learn A Brazilian Martial Art In Bandra? We Tell You How

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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art which originated from the Congo, and it combines dance, acrobatics and music. It’s still catching on in Mumbai, but we’ve seen it being performed on Carter Road, of all places. So we decided to attend a workshop for beginners to see what it’s all about {though we were still sore from Crossfit last week}.

What's It About?

The workshop for adults was being conducted at the Hive in Khar from 8am to 9am. The first leg of the session is all about stretching and warming up. Post the stretching, comes the actual form. Capoeira is all about acrobatic moves which were conjured up by the slaves in the Brazilian colony of Portuguese. Hence, the instructions and even the movements have been given Portuguese names {a fun way to learn a new language as well}.

The movements of capoeira also take inspiration from the animal movements – walk like a spider on all fours, or strut like a lion. It involves the body to be engaged – from your calves to your hands, to your thighs. Following Sharath’s instructions wasn’t hard at all – he is patient and will come and show you repeatedly how to perfect that kick, or how to bend down and go in the ‘defend’ position.

What Can You Expect?

An intense workout session – that’ll leave you exhausted but happy and well worked out. The most fun bit of the workout session is – capoeira is always done with a partner – as it’s a part of combat that the Africans have adopted. So when I kick, my partner would bend and defend herself, and vice versa. We are also then taught to do a cartwheel – and there I was failing to even form the C of the cartwheel – but trying nevertheless.

By now, I was out of breath. It’s a continuous flow of combat, and the person {me, in this case} needs to constantly be moving. After all those cartwheels, and the leg stretches I’m asked to do – I’m close to giving up. I don’t but – as the last leg of the session involves us combining everything we learnt – from the basic capoeira movement to the very last bit of dividing up in partners and doing it.

We pair up – and I kick while the other one defends themselves – then I do a stretch on the floor {like the floor queen I am} and a hilarious attempt at a shoddy cartwheel. I’m fist pumped by Sharath { not a pity one, mind you}, and the session comes to an end.

#LBBTip: Capoeiro is done with a soundtrack played on wooden instruments, played live during the class itself.

Yay Or Nay?

Yay because you learn a fantastic cultural martial art form, get to show off about it and once you get better at it – get to perform it at cultural events. It’s a good workout for people who want to stay away from the terrifying and expensive gyms {for the budget gyms, go here} but want a similar high intense session to blow the steam – or you can also go hip-hop dancing.

We have also listed more classes that happen in the city below for you to sign up for – happy capoeira-ing people.

Timings: The Hive {Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am to 9am}, Crossfit Blackfire {Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9pm to 10.30pm}, Beat N Bounce {Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8.30pm to 0.30pm}, Capoeira India {Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm to 8pm}

Price: Per class INR 500, per month membership INR 3,500 {Crossfit Backfire}

For more information, call Sharath {+9191679 28061} and he will fix you up with a class near to your location.