Thank Us Later: 5 Wholesale Alcohol Shops That Let You Drink More & Pay Less

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Everyone likes a good drink after a hard day’s work. Most times, we prefer it at the convenience of our homes  – preferably with home delivery. But sometimes, the prices get to us. However, there are a few places in the city that give you wholesale rates if you buy booze in bulk. Here are some of them.

Parry Wines, Bandra

This Hill Road -based wine shop has its own website (which needs some work), but nothing can take from the fact that this is one of the most popular wine shops in the area. It also sells booze in wholesale and bulk rates. They will deliver around Khar and Bandra. The going discount for a case of Kingfisher beer is 7 percent.

Card Payment: Yes

Home Delivery: Yes

Shah Wines, Crawford Market

Located in Crawford market, Shah Wines is one of the oldest establishments in the city to sell alcohol at wholesale rates. They offer between 6 to 8 percent if you buy in bunk. A case of Kingfisher beer will cost you INR 1800 here. However, there is a catch. If you make a card purchase, you are charged extra. For debit cards, it is 1 per cent, while for credit cards it is 2 per cent.

Card Payment: Yes (Conditions apply)

Home Delivery: No

Century Wines, Tardeo

Another wholesale wine shop, this one is located in Tardeo, and sells alcohol at both wholesale and retail rate. They offer discounts based on the quantity you order. A case of Kingfisher beer (330 ml) will cost you INR 93 per bottle as opposed to INR 100. They do deliver to far off locations, but it depends on the quantity you want. The more you order, the greater the chances of a Tardeo store delivering to Bandra (Just saying).

Card Payment: No (They accept Google Pay and cash only) 

Home Delivery: Yes

Peekay Wines, Crawford Market

Another favorite at Crawford Market, Peekay (lives up to its name, doesn’t it?), much like Shah’s is based only on wholesale rates. And like Shah’s they charge a per cent or two for a card swipe.

Card Payment: Yes (Conditions Apply)

Home Delivery: Only for orders above INR 5,000


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