Working From Home? Here's A Handy Guide To Make The Most Of It

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With the Coronavirus outbreak across the globe, work from home has become a norm. Now, working from home can be kinda tricky. While some are super productive lying on their beds in pyjamas and getting work done, for some it's just not the correct setting to maximise work. 

Well, like it or not, working from home is an important precaution we all need to take. So, here are a few tips and tricks to make this new change a breeze! 

Find A Comfy Spot (With A Good Network)

While some prefer working on a bed, some need an organised study, while others just prefer camping in the nearest coffee shop. So yes, work from home is pretty subjective and differs from person to person. So, we'd say take time, identify your comfort spot and make it your work-from-home office desk. For use, a spot with an amazing outdoor view works the best. 

You could also draw inspiration from here and make a dreamy work desk too. 

Make A Plan And Set Deadlines

At your workplace there are boards, planners and charts everywhere which literally scream your to-dos, deadlines and deliverables, so you're pretty much on track. Well, at home, distractions are many - your kids (if you have any) or pets, your help, family and friends, endless doorbells, that annoying roommate and what not. So, you might get a little carried away! 

So, get yourself a planner. Make a to-do-list, timelines and deadlines and simply keep ticking them off (it's really satisfying). If needed, set reminders. We all forget that's completely normal. So, that's when we make use of the technology to our rescue. 

Also, make sure you have a set time when you start and when you end, or not working from home can be an endless cycle.

Opt For A Great Internet Connection

Yup, this one seems to be the most obvious but hey, we've all been in that state where we're not able to connect to an urgent online conference or when it took forever to attach that file. So, before anything else, get your wifi speed fixed because - bad connection + truckload of work = worst combo ever. 

Trust us, it will be a blessing in the long run. 

Communicate Frequently Via Online Meets

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Whether it's presenting a company deck to a client or a routine morning meeting, make sure you're using online meet channels or software to communicating effectively with your colleagues, managers and employees. Zoom, Google Meets or Skype are great options. Make sure your audio and mics are functional, check your home background before entering an online meet and of course the above-mentioned point. 

Check Your Social Media Consumption

Another major distraction when we're sitting at home - social media. We've all been there when we find ourselves on the couch endlessly scrolling through the feed. And that's completely fine. We're not here to lecture you guys on not using social media while working blah, blah...we do it too.

However, it's all about striking the correct balance between the two. It is tempting to endlessly tap through Insta stories or check out YouTube videos - but how about we indulge in a bit of self-policing? (at least 9 to 5)

Take Breaks

You know what the best part about working from home is? You can take breaks in your comfort zone, ideally the ones your workplace might not offer. You can step out for a walk in your garden, make yourself that homely masala chai, play with your pets and magically get recharged, meditate, do some exercise or yoga etc. 

So, yes please do take breaks every few hours.