No Gym Equipment? Here Are Some Fun Ways To Workout At Home

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Stuck at home without access to fitness equipment and wondering how to get in a good workout? This guide will show you how to enjoy an effective and fun one by using things in your house! 


Put the walls of your house to good use! Walls provide excellent ways of stretching muscles and warming up. You can also balance various yoga positions or simply stretch your arms and legs against a corner or pillar in your house. Here are some stretches to get you started. 


There’s so much you can do with just one staircase! Cardio, legs and core- you can get in a good workout just by climbing stairs daily. While running upstairs is good cardio and great for your calves, you can add resistance to this workout by skipping a step or two which will help focus on core and glutes. Here's one for reference.

Water Bottles And Jugs

Missing weights? Use filled water bottles or jugs instead! With water bottles as weights you can do bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder press, lateral raises, glute bridges, weighted squats and just about any other exercise that needs weights. Here's one for reference.

Frying Pans

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But with the weight and handles of a frying pan, you can get a fabulous upper body workout. It can perfectly sub for a dumbbell and you’d be surprised how challenging it is. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself, here’s how.


Chairs make for great circuit training. A chair enables you to do step-ups, split lunges, seated squats, inclined push-ups, declined push-ups and even tricep dips! Make sure the chair is stable so that it doesn’t move when you add your weight on it. You can also use chairs as weights and improve your balance. Here are some quick chair exercises.


A stack of books is all that you need if you wish to challenge your core during ab workouts. Add it as a weight during planking, while doing sit-ups or any other abdominal exercise. If you aren’t feeling the weight, add more rounds. Here are some exercises to get you going.


Missing your weights? Fill up your bag with notebooks, bottles, whatever it is that you have to increase the weight, and use it as resistance during your workouts! Wear it as a backpack and climb stairs, or lunge, or even while squatting. You can also use it like a kettlebell and do sumo squats and “kettlebell swings”.  You can also simply put it on your back as deadweight and plank! Here’s a starter guide.


The countertops of your kitchen aren’t just for food, you know? If you’re too intimated by push-ups on the ground, try doing them on countertops instead! Try out a set the next time you wait for your food to get heated. Here’s a definitive guide so that you don't pull a muscle.

Pro Tip

You could also burn some calories by simply cleaning your house! The energy used to do household tasks is the same, if not more, that you need for a good run or gym session. So, if you’ve been avoiding housework, here’s a good reason to get back to it!