Give Your Old Clothes A Fresh Makeover For Just INR 70

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One of Pune’s premium laundry services, 24:Klen treats your garments – especially the heavily-embroidered ones with fancy fabric – with utmost care, high-end softeners and pH-controlled purified water.

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At 24:Klen, laundry is not a service but a work of science. The team of experts out here guarantees that your beloved clothes will look ‘newer than new’. What makes them different from the rest of the laundry services in Pune is that they treat every piece of clothing differently. For example, if it’s chiffon, tulle or raw silk, they will dry clean it. If it’s zari, they will dry it in sunlight for couple of hours and then clean it. For organza, they use cold water and mild detergent for cleaning and they dry the attire using the burrito method. In short, every garment goes through elaborate checks before it gets cleaned and finished. It is checked for manufacturers/ designers instructions, fabric type, stains or blemishes if any.

The best part about 24:Klen is that they follow a 48-day practice; which means you will get your clothes cleaned, ironed and packed within two days from the time of your pick-up. However, if you’re in real hurry, they also provide a 24-hour express delivery service.

The prices at 24:Klen is quite affordable considering the kind of service they provide. Premium wash of shirts is priced at INR 70/piece; jeans for INR 75/piece; silk kurta for INR 135/piece {dry cleaning}; leather jackets for INR 450/piece {dry cleaning}; silk saree for INR 275/piece; heavy wedding gowns for INR 1,500/piece {dry cleaning}. Ironing prices are separate. For more details, click here.

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We’ve personally tried their service, and we loved it! If you want to give 24:Klen a try, schedule a pick up here, or simply download their app here.