Made With Love & Sugar: The Best Sweet Shops in Pune

    It is a known fact that the people of Pune love their food and it is a known fact that, they love their sweets more than they love their naps. And, since Holi is just around the corner, how could you not want to indulge in mithai? Whether it is the chirotes from Chitale Bandhu or the perfectly round mootichur ladoos from Dadu's, thandai, gujiyas or other Holi snacks and sweets, Pune's sweet shops have everything. 

    Here are the best sweet shops in Pune, check them out.

    Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

    There might be hardly one or two Punekars who haven’t had a taste of the variety of sweets from Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale. They have been serving and making Punekars drool over their delicious amba barfis, flaky chirotes, karanjis, gulab jamuns and obviously the signature bhakarwadi for over two generations. Maybe this year on Holi, you could ditch the traditional gujiyas and try out something from here.



    Aundh, Pune
    With over three stores across Pune, Mithaas is rapidly gaining popularity for their soft and fresh barfis, made-to-perfection ladoos and pedhas, we hope sincerely that they open up more outlets across Pune.

    Kaka Halwai

    Another age-old snack and sweet mart in Pune, Kaka Halwai has taken Punekars by a storm with not just their rich and drool-worthy sweets, but have also introduced snacks with their own twist to them, such as their Bhakarwadi or their sponge-like dhoklas which we are keeping in our menu for this Holi!  

    Khalsa Dairy and Sweets

    Khalsa Dairy

    Viman Nagar, Pune

    From creamy and flavoursome lassis to the most luxurious badami-tukda, Khalsa Dairy and Sweets is Viman Nagar is one of the most reputed sweets shops in Pune. Alongside their fresh kalakands and different katlis, Khalsa Dairy and Sweets is also known for their pakoras, cutlets and bhajiyas.

    Karachi Sweet Mart

    Another of Pune’s favourite sweet stores, Karachi Sweet Mart has still managed to be true to its original tastes and has Punerkars coming over to them for their soft rasmalai, center-filled gulab jamuns and other delicious sweets.

    Dadu’s Sweet Emporio

    Located on M.G. Road in Camp, Dadu’s sweet Emporio is a hard miss for any foodie or sweet lover. With a number of your Indian classic sweets such as aangoori rasmailai and kaju katli to the western favourites like strawberry pudding and kiwi tart, Dadu’s Emporio has it all.

    Puneri Sweets

    Puneri Sweets

    Vishrantwadi, Pune

    Located in Vishrantwadi, Puneri Sweets is known amongst locals for an array of Indian sweets. The store is known for its fresh malai barfis, ladoos, pedhas and other sweets. Along with sweets, they also have some delicious farsan items like chiwada, wafers, gathias and more. They also accept party orders a day in advance. The prices over here start at a minimum of INR  20 for a plate of mithai.