This Brand Delivers Farm-Made Organic Ghee To Your Doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing is better than a dollop of fresh ghee in your food. This organic food brand is now delivering fresh, farm-made ghee made of A2 Gir Gai's milk. Order your jar of pure goodness from Golden Ghee Pune.

Not only do they deliver the ghee all over India, they also ship it to the US. Krishnai Bhosale, the founder of this brand tells us that she came up with this idea after seeing her organic-farming enthusiast parents produce fresh veggies and milk from their own farm. The specialty of this product is that it's made of A2 milk that is comparitively healthier than A1 milk and helps in better digestion. They even feed organic grass to the Gir cows to ensure pure milk supply. Plus, they cook it on cow dung cakes during sunrise, so that the first rays of the sun can add a satvik (pure) touch to the ghee and instead of additives, they add Himalayan pink salt and khau che paan (botanical leaves that act as a natural preservative).

You can order the jars in two sizes. The 500 ML jar costs INR 1750 while the 1000 ML jar is for INR 3500. They are also known for their full-moon ghee which is apparently made on full-moon nights and will contain moon rays. They are soon launching ghee-based face creams, lip balms, and moisturizers. How exciting!