Quirky Products From Can Of Juice Will Definitely Bring A Change To Your Home!

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    Can of Juice is an online design studio with home decor and accessories which are bright, zesty, and within our budget too. We all love to add small, fun knick-knacks to our home and when they are unique and reasonable, it's even more fun. Originally a design studio, you can find several home decor and accessories at this online store. From graphic posters to coasters, trays, wall hangings and much more - they have everything for every age. Not just home accessories, but you can also shop for office decorations at this online store. The starting range here is around INR 400. We absolutely love their collection of cushion and pillow covers that are super colourful and come in many different designs.

    Pro Tip

    You can also reach out to Can of Juice directly for customised solutions. They do interiors for office and home spaces on request.

      Available Online