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This 'Alice In Wonderland' Themed Resto-Bar Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale Book

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Don’t miss  Mr. Rabbit’s Bar & Burrow – a cool and quirky place to grab some delicious food and drinks.

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Located in Baner, this restaurant-bar is a family-owned and run project, the brainchild of three Shetty brothers: Ashwin and Kunal, and their cousin Sharan. Since they’ve all grown up and worked in the food business {their families own and operate Amrapali and Roopali on FC Road}, they wanted to branch out and start their own venture. The menu is entirely different than what you’d expect, featuring dishes that highlight their South Indian heritage {featuring their secret family recipes} as well as Thai cuisine, and a smattering of European dishes inspired by the family’s travels.  The reason for the Thai food, is that Kunal has travelled extensively to Thailand {even learning the language}, and has collected recipes first-hand from his favourite street food vendors in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. He runs a young and enthusiastic kitchen staff at Mr. Rabbit, making sure that only the freshest ingredients are used, and that everything is made from scratch {including their coconut milk, curry pastes, jams, and sauces}. The Thai food is close to authentic, but Kunal says they’ve tested, tasted, and tailored the dishes to suit an Indian palate. The menu will be changed and updated frequently, to keep it original and fresh.  As for the drinks – you’ll find classic cocktails as well as Mr. Rabbit’s signature cocktails like, ‘As Mad As The Hatter’, ‘Bloody Red Queen’, and ‘Not Blond but Bonkers’; so don’t hesitate to try some new concoctions!

Anything Else?

Kunal even grows most of his own herbs, like Thai holy basil, sourtooth coriander, and kaffir lime – all of which are used in the cooking here. The food menu will be changed and updated frequently, to keep it current and fresh. Originally, they meant to call it ‘The Rabbit Hole’ but at the suggestion of Nupur Chaudhuri {who also happens to be Ashwin’s wife}, they changed it to Mr. Rabbit’s Bar & Burrow. The big mural of ‘Wonderland’ was painted by Ashwin and Kunal themselves – so now you know whom to pay compliments to!

So, We're Saying...

Mr. Rabbit’s Bar & Burrow will be open from 7:00pm until midnight, starting from Thursday 21st September. Dishes are priced at: INR 250 – 290 for vegetarian dishes, INR 290 – 350 for chicken, 350 for seafood, INR 380 – 450 for pork dishes, and around INR 350 – 400 for drinks {not inclusive of taxes}. We hear the mushroom larb has been known to convert even staunchest meat-eaters, and that the curries are sublime. Head on over for post-work drinks and scrumptious grub!


The menu has a lot of new dishes that aren’t the kind you would see on regular restaurant menus, so ask the staff for recommendations, and you won’t be disappointed.