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I Scream, You Scream: 15 Best Ice-Creams In Pune You Must Try

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Who doesn’t love a scoop of goodness? In summers, it beats the heat. Other times, it makes your day. There are so many options available round the city – some old, some gourmet and many others who’re just serving dazzling little scoops. Treat your sweet tooth with authentic fruity essence . Grab them all, we say.   

Cold Stone Creamery

This U.S. brand of premium ice-cream offers a variety of smoothies, shakes, ice creams, frozen yogurts, ice cream sandwiches and cakes to choose from. With their six outlets spread across the city, their ice cream is churned from the finest ingredients every day, mixed with your choice of candy, cakes, fruits, toppings and a lot more. You must try their Cheesecake fantasy or Who You  Callin' Shortcake.

Cost for two: INR 400

Ice Cream Factory

Four branches at your disposal, this small parlour is excellent at what they serve. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their ice cream waffles, bubble waffles, smoking biscuits, dragon breath poppers and whatnot. A must try is their Mango Faluda. They do a lot of fun stuff with ice-creams, so don’t give this a miss. 

Cost for two: INR 300

Koko Scoop

Are you someone who loves coconut ice cream? KokoScoop gets its coconuts from the coastal region in India and creates magic with it, converting it into your coconut cup, coconut water, ice cream or the toppings that you’re going to fall in love with. The outlet is a small, happy place where you can pick up your fresh desserts from. With coconut water at the base, tender coconut ice cream with toppings of chunky coconut, fruit bubbles and jelly, we’re sure you won’t go home disappointed.

Cost for two: INR 200


Grab a colossal flavour range of ice-cream tacos and cookie dough scoops at this dessert bar, with dollops of additional love and toppings. With a cute ambience, it is a great place to satisfy after- dinner cravings and have a gala time with friends.  Whether you’re a fruit dessert person or you’d rather sin on some chocolate, there is something for everyone. They also do cookie dough scoops in flavours like red velvet, salted caramello, coffee kurant and more. 

Cost for two: INR 300

Piatto Dessert Studio

Piatto (meaning ‘plate’ in Italian) Dessert Studio in Kalyani Nagar is unlike any other we’ve visited in Pune. Electic combinations derived from wide flavours and elegant ingredients dish out an extensive palate. It’s a high-end dessert bar serving a number of gourmet desserts. We love their light sorbets and dense gelato. The mango and jamun sorbet is a favourite here as is the dark chocolate gelato.

Cost for two: INR 500

Pasteur Bakery

This 80+ year old establishment has been dishing out the yummiest cakes and biscuits since colonial times, and not much has changed since. Pasteur’s dessert parlour serves delicious vegetarian snacks and street-style chaat, in addition to their famous softy, sundaes, and other flavoured ice creams. The flavours are classic, the ice-cream is old-school. So, take a trip down nostalgia town.

Cost for two: INR 100


The gourmet ice popsicles have won many hearts in the city. Made with fresh milk and fruits every day, it is free from harmful chemicals, artificial colour and preservatives. So, no matter what outlet you’re at, pick up roasted banana, plum, green apple grape, Irish coffee among others. Or take a bite of the premium ones like Madagascar chocolate and blueberry cheesecake. They have great options for vegan and sugar-free popsicles. 

Cost for two: INR 250

Ganu Shinde Ice Cream

An iconic Pune brand of ice-cream, nothing in this world can beat the nostalgia and the creamy mango ice cream at Pune’s 165-year-old dessert joint, Ganu Shinde in Narayan Peth. Starting at INR 40, we recommend their classic amba ice-cream. Even if it does not feature an array of flavours, the authentic fresh quality is alluring and spiriting enough. If you’re not up for the mango ice-cream, don’t leave the place without trying the pista, jambhul and the sitaphal ice cream.

Cost for two: INR 150


If you are looking for fresh fruit popsicles to help you beat the heat, then Callow is a great pit stop. Located in Kalyani Nagar, this desert bar has unique flavours in popsicles. Try the flamingo which comes with peach, passion fruit, blackberry and pear or if you are looking for something slightly healthy, then go for the Callow green that comes with spinach, cucumber, kale and guava. 

Cost for two: INR 500

Cream Stone

We can't talk about ice cream and forget Cream Stone. With over 7 locations across the city, Cream Stone is a popular ice-cream parlour, known for its innovative concept that appeal to people of all ages. Their ice cream is hand-mixed and mixed with toppings on a frozen ‘cold stone’, that gives the ice cream multiple flavour and texture combinations. 

Cost for two: INR 500


Get premium ice-creams delivered to your doorstep from Scooptown, a takeaway and delivery ice-cream parlour situated on Baner-Pashan Link Road. Did you know they have Keto, high protein and sugarless options too? Their high protein options include festive rasmalai, Sicilian pistachio, Belgian chocolate, choco brownie fudge, salted caramel, coffee roasted almond, alphonso mango, French vanilla, and strawberry.They cost INR 135 for 125 ml. Following keto diet? Don't miss out on the goodness of these ice-creams and dig into Keto berry and Keto Belgian chocolate. 

Price for two: INR 300

Dumpu Delicious

At Mr.Dumpu Delicious in Aundh, you can eat your favourite ice cream in three different sizes – student, warrior and master. Of course, each size is priced differently. While the student size will cost you only INR 99, the warrior and master sizes will cost you INR 149 and INR 210 respectively. We are not kidding when we tell you that we've tried all their flavours. The Anjeer and coconut one has our heart. Yet another specialty is the Chocolate Eiffel Tower. 

Price for two: INR 200


Make your lockdown days sweeter with yummy homemade gourmet ice-creams. Gozo Homemade Icecreams is a Baner-based brand that is delivering ice creams made of all-natural ingredients. Choose from a variety of flavours such as lemon tart, rose pistachio, dark chocolate fudge sauce and choco chips, roasted strawberry and many more. The prices are reasonable too.

Price for two: INR 150++

The Brooklyn Creamery

Here's an ice cream company that doesn't want you to feel guilty for enjoying their scoop of happiness. All the flavours from The Brooklyn Creamery are low-calorie picks and do not contain any added sugar. Our favourites include lavender berry, coffee afrogatto, and chocolate fudge brownie. They also have vegan options in chocolate, peanut and banana. 

Price for two: INR 300

Kiga Ice Cream

Bid adieu to summer blues and try out this one-of-a-kind ice-cream thali. Yes, you heard us right. Like other thalis, you can now dig into an awesome ice-cream thali where you will get to taste unconventional ice cream flavours together such as Ukadiche modak, tilgul laddu, sajuk tup chi puran poli, sweet potato, sheer kurma, gajar badam halwa, chai paani at Kiga ice Cream in Sadashiv Peth. They have started a pick-up facility and are also delivering! Try out the Peshwai thali and has a giant glass of Mastani along with multiple ice-cream bowls.

Thali price: INR 350 per thali


Are you in a 'Aj kuch tufaani karte hai'  mood? You must try these offbeat ice-cream flavours in the city!