This Cafe In Baner Serves Churros With Spicy Chocolate & Rum Dips


    If you haven’t met The Churros Team (Parag + Madhuli) at Wassup Flea Markets in Pune, go say hi to them at their very own, eatery, Churros Cafe in Baner.

    Tell Me More

    Parag and Madhuli say that the idea of introducing churros in Pune came when they were visiting Dubai last year and decided to make the snack at home. After various trials & errors, they finally got the recipe right; thanks to their friend from Spain. Ever since then, there was no looking back. Team Churros has been consistently loved at various flea markets and comedy shows in the city, and now they have finally opened up their own Churros Cafe in Baner.

    The cafe is quaint and cosy – yellow hanging lights at the entrance, beautiful outdoor seating and a comfortable mezzanine to accommodate a group of 10. Food-wise, the cafe is all about crunchy churros and beyond. What’s interesting is they make the churros in a machine built by them from scratch. How cool is that!?

    Some of the bestsellers out here include dips like spicy chocolate, caramel, coffee and rum, to go with your crunchy churros. Apart from this, they will also be serving cortado, which is basically Spanish espresso served hot. What’s more? They will be introducing churros cheesecake and ‘churrofogato’, a combination of affogato {Italian coffee-based dessert} and churros.

    Anything Else?

    While churros are the main attraction at the cafe, you can still indulge in their delectable range of thin crust pizzas, pastas, cookies and macaroons if you’re in a mood for something different.