Order In For Iftar: 8 Restaurants Delivering Ramzan Delicacies In Pune

    The month of Ramzan is incomplete without a satisfying iftar spread. And what’s a hearty dinner without biryani, paya and galouti kebabs? Scroll down to find out where to get the best of Ramadan food in Pune.

    Raan Biryani

    One iftar dish that you absolutely cannot miss is the raan biryani. Made of mutton legs marinated in hung curd, malt vinegar and ginger-garlic paste, the biryani comprises mouthwatering layers of basmati rice, pinch of saffron, fried onions, garam masala, hard boiled eggs, fried cashew nuts and raisins. The best raan biryani we had in Pune was at Bagban Restaurant on East Street. Priced at INR 990, the meat is succulent and the rice is well-layered in spices. Worth a try! This year, the restaurant is open but not delivering. You can Dunzo it though.

    Paya Shorba

    Paya is a tradional curry or soup made of goat or lamb trotters. The dish is quite light and flavoursome on the palate and is slow-cooked in sautéed onions, garlic and spices. If you’re looking for the perfect paya in Pune, don’t look beyond Farmaaish In Baner and Viman Nagar. We love their murg paya shorba, which is basically a delectable chicken soup with fresh turmeric, garlic and black peppers.

    Galouti Kebabs

    Originated in Lucknow, galouti kebabs are melt-in-the-mouth meaty delicacies that are must for any iftar spread. One of the yummiest galouti kebabs we ever had in Pune was at Taareef in Aundh. Priced at INR 414, these kebabs are made of minced meat, gulab jal, desi ghee, hint of ittar and green papaya paste.


    A popular Middle Eastern stew, Haleem is an iftar favourite. We highly recommend you try the aunthentic Hyderabadi haleem at Zaheer Khan’s Dine Fine in Kondhwa. Priced at INR 395, this delicacy is made with mutton and cereals, which are cooked overnight and then garnished with fried onions, mint leaves and lemon wedges. Place your orders via Zomato.

    Nalli Nihari & Warqi Paratha

    We know you cannot imagine Ramzan without nalli- a classic delicacy with warqi paratha. Order this from Lucknow Spice for INR 380 and make your day extra special.

    Sheer Kurma

    Sheer kurma or sheer korma is a Persian dessert made out of milk and dates. We think you must try this delicacy at Mughal’s on East Street. Priced at INR 190, the dessert is made to perfection with vermicelli, dry fruits and saffron. You can get it delivered via Zomato.

    Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani

    Biryani By Kilo has multiple delivery kitchens across the city and we suggest you try their chicken Hyderabadi biryani, which is a bestseller amongst many others. The price for half kg is INR 445.


    You cannot not end your meal on Ramzan with chilled phirni. Order this yummy dessert from Mughal Sarai, an exclusive Mughalai restaurant on JM Road. Priced at INR 120, phirni is essentially a classic pudding made with rice. It comes in a kulhad and tastes best when served chilled.