Large Groups Looking For A Getaway, This Villa Is Perfect If You Want To Disconnect From The World

    What Is It?

    Located atop a hill, overlooking a beautiful lake and the dense evergreen forests, we found a humble yet exquisite homestay right at the heart of Mulshi.

    How Do I Get There?

    The home stay is called the Fragrant Sun and is located near Barpe in Mulshi. If you’re driving, take the Khandala-Lonavala exit and head towards Aamby Valley. Keep your Google Maps on, and make sure you pass through the villages of Saltar and Bhamdare to reach Barpe. Once you’re there, take a left down a muddy road. Keep an eye for a signboard that says ‘Sushale’. The homestay will be couple of minutes away from there.

    What Did I Like?

    Serene and secluded, Fragrant Sun reminds us of an old hillside villa, hidden behind tall trees and thick vegetation sans mobile connectivity and television. The villa is bare minimum and boasts of raw earthen hues – brick walls, bamboo and log roof, wooden doors and windows, antique lamps and a beautiful front porch with a direct view of the valley and the lake.

    We hear the place has a beautiful lawn with the freshest organic produce. You can pick your herbs, fruits and vegetables from here and cook a meal in their 2000 square-feet open kitchen with a wood-fire oven. How awesome is that? And, since there’s plenty of time to pass, you can either indulge in a game of carom or table tennis with your pals, finish a novel or simply go for a swim in the lake. For dinner, we recommend you ask the caretaker to arrange for a bonfire sit-out in the garden. Since there’s hardly any liquor store nearby, make sure you carry your own alcohol.

    Coming to the accommodation, Fragrant Sun has three big rooms and a living room that can easily host a group of 13 people. Priced at INR 24,012 per night, the place is always on high demand, especially during summers. So make sure you plan early and book here.

    Anything Else?

    Troubles at work? Take a week off, gather the gang and disconnect from the world at Fragrant Sun.


    Don’t leave your home without mosquito repellents, a bathing suit and a blanket.