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Hood Guide: Eat, Drink, Shop & Explore At Pune's Peth Areas


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Being one of the oldest areas in Pune, there is a lot to do within the intricate roads and the winding paths that will guarantee a fun weekend for you to explore. Whether it be shopping, temple visits or simply to soak in some of Pune’s old charm, the Peth area has many things to offer.

    ABC Chowk

    Appa Balwant Chowk

    Narayan Peth, Pune

    ABC Chowk is a must visit for every student looking for text books without shelling out big bucks. CBSE, NCERT, CAT and other less known books can be found at this one area starting at INR 400.

    Stationary shops can also be found frequently on the road, Venus Traders being a prominent one. All your paper needs {including paints, sketch pens and brushes} can be satisfied at this road in ABC Chowk.

    Budhwar Peth

    Budhwar Peth

    Budhwar Peth, Pune

    Found near the electronic shops near Bundhwar Peth, all your home décor needs are taken care of. From smaller ones starting at INR 400 and the more fancy ones starting at INR 1200, these shops can spruce up your home without being too heavy on the pocket.

    Navi Peth - Sadashiv Peth

    Sadashiv Peth

    Sadashiv Peth, Pune

    There are several shops in the area that sell affordable phone covers. Headphones and earphones at affordable prices. Other electronics are also available, including dongles.

    Dagdusheth Temple

    Being an extremely traditional area, there are several shrines in the area. Large mandapams and glitzy idols are characteristic of the temples in the area. Dagdusheth Temple at Budhwar Peth is a must-visit!

    Kaka Halwai next to the Dagdoseth temple offers up delicious goodies such as laddoos and namkeen and is the perfect place to refuel after a long day of shopping

    You can also find several carts in the area that serve up delicious Marathi snacks {vada pav, kaachi dabeli etc.} as well as more Pan-India ones such as dosa and other snacks.

    Raviwar Peth - Shukrawar Peth

    Raviwar Peth

    Raviwar Peth, Pune

    This small lane in between Raviwar Peth and Shukrawar Peth has all the necessities you need for throwing the next legendary birthday. Check out this narrow lane that stocks up on decorations and streamers at throwaway prices.

    Next to the markets in Shukrawar Peth peth, there are several places to get cute and quirky crockery with an authentic touch. Cups, jars and other crockery can be found o this street.

    If you’re looking for something more for everyday, there are several small shops that have metal cups and vessels for prices you won’t find at super markets. The copper finish is a unique touch that makes this street a must visit for your needs in the kitchen.

    Bajiro Peshwa Palace & Shaniwarwada

    Shaniwar Wada

    Shaniwar Peth, Pune

    Bajiro Peshwa Palace is another place you can visit to learn more about the city and it’s rich culture. The temple is located in Shaniwar Wada and is a little further from the rest of the things mentioned here, but it’s cultural connotations make it a must visit.

    Laxmi Road

    Laxmi Road

    Nana Peth, Pune

    Lakshmi road, which is part of the main city area, offers up great deals on shoes and other accessories. Don’t forget to try them on and test out your bargaining skills.

    Juna Bazaar At Kasba Peth

    Juna Bazaar

    Kasba Peth, Pune

    Juna Bazaar is Pune’s oldest flee market. From second-hand furniture, starting at INR 350 to old-school gramophones, telephones & hourglasses, you get it all here! Click here to read more on Juna Bazaar

    Burud Ali Near Ganesh Peth

    Burud Ali

    Shukrawar Peth, Pune

    A rickety auto ride from Raviwar Peth towards Ganesh Peth will lead to you a lane with stacks of bamboo canes piled up on either side of the narrow strip. Welcome to Burud Ali, where the lesser-known community of cane craftsmen reside, and manufacture all sorts of cane artifacts – from lamps to mats to hand-woven baskets and more! Click here to read more on Burud Ali.