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Wear Your Thinking Cap If You Want To Escape This Mystery Room

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What Makes It Awesome?

Pick a room to be locked in and solve a mystery. If you’re a huge Sherlock Holmes or Bymokesh Bakshi fan, it's best to bring out your pipe and thinking cap before you head to the House Of Mysteries in Baner. The House Of Mysteries is located on the fifth floor of Deron Heights. Whether you’re planning your birthday, giving a surprise to a friend or just want to do something different with your group, the escape room has interesting mysteries you could solve. 

Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men is based on Emperor Ashoka’s secret society (there are theories of it still being in existence). Your job is to find the books full of secrets and to restore them back to their hiding place. If an Egyptian mystery is what excites you more, find the lost treasures of Tutankhamun. You’ll have to explore the inner tomb, discover the treasure before you escape. The also have a Hangover themed mystery room. You know, like the movie?  It’s based on waking up after a bachelor party and figuring out what you did the night before so that you can get to the altar in time. 

For each mystery, you have 60 minutes to work your way out. So, you’ve got to be quick if you’re hoping to win. Not that there’s any prize money at the end, but managing to escape the room on your own brain power is what this is all about. 

Each room is priced at INR 500 on weekdays and INR 650 on weekends per person. You can book a game on a particular day and choose your time-slot too on their website or give them a call. Each game allows 2 to 7 participants.

What Could Be Better?

Considering the great mystery room themes that they have, House of Mysteries can definitely improve on the quality of their service and execution of such themes. The rooms are pretty congested and there is a chance that you might get too confused too soon.


Escape rooms are a great date idea as it gives you an activity to do with your partner. And, it’s also ideal to go with your crew here for your birthday before you head to a bar.