This Hidden Chocolate Factory In Camp Makes Sweet Treats That Will Take You Back In Time


    Move over, Willy Wonka! We’ve found our new favourite chocolate factory: Kay’s Confectioners, in Camp.

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    Brightly coloured tin-foil wrapping and a heady chocolate aroma are the first things you’ll notice when you walk into Kay’s Confectionery. Started in 1995 by three brothers, they were initially manufacturers of chocolates and confectionery for one of the biggest international brands, led by renowned food technologist and chocolatier, Mr. Aspi Irani {one of Kay’s founders}. The speciality here is their cashew butterscotch, as well as their chocolate coated dry fruits and nuts. It’s the real deal – from the silky-smooth chocolate {they refuse to use compound chocolate} they use, to the high-quality cashews, almonds, and raisins that provide the perfect crunch in every bite. In fact, Kay’s still provides this butterscotch to ice-cream manufacturers, and you can buy it {the butterscotch pieces} directly from them if you want to use it in your home cooking. Anyone who passes by their factory on Boottee Street in Camp is guaranteed a whiff of the most delectable chocolate, which you can buy from their unmarked retail shop out front {diagonally across the road from JJ Garden Vada-Pav}. They also make a selection of rather unusual flavoured chocolates, including strawberry, lychee, mango, blueberry, coffee, pistachio, pineapple, orange, hazelnut, coconut, and French biscuit, which we can’t wait to go back to try. Kay’s Confectionery doesn’t retail anywhere else, so stock up on your favourite candies in one fell swoop. They also take custom orders for private events, corporates, and festivals.

    Anything Else?

    We think Kay’s premium chocolates are ideal for gifting – and you can even pick and choose the box you’d like to gift the chocolates in! They’re a little old-school, but we love them for it. Big milk chocolate bars start at around INR 17 for 100g, while packets of their flavoured chocolates start from INR 90 onwards, and the chocolate coated almonds/raisins/cashews are priced between INR 1200 – 1350 per kg.

    For a dose of nostalgia, ask for their chocolate-coated cashew butterscotch bites {INR 120/packet} – they taste *exactly* like a certain candy from our childhood {it may or may not rhyme with “butties”. You can thank us later}. Reminisce about the confectionery we once enjoyed as the ’80s and ’90s kids, and maybe make some new memories with them, as adults! We think it’s value for money because the quality and taste here are far superior to similar products we’ve tried elsewhere. Kay’s Confectioners are open every day except Sunday, from 9.00am until 5.30pm, and even until 9.00pm on special occasions {festivals}.


    Ask for their butterscotch toffee – it looks like chikki, and tastes like heaven!