Slip Into Fun & Colourful Footwear From This Brand That Will Match All Your Moods

What Makes It Awesome?

What’s dressing up without some fun and a burst of colour? It’s always a lot of fun to team up outfits with exciting accessories and footwear and if they are a little out of the box, then it’s even more fun! 

At Pabish, you will find a collection of quirky and colourful footwear. From flats to Kolhapuris, stilettos, heels and much more - you can find it all under the same roof. Most of their shoes are made of suede on the top and the sole is mostly leather. Their range of flats are mostly open-toe and have beautiful embellishments on them.

We love the open-toe ones with golden beads starting at INR 749. However our favourites are their Kolhapuris starting at INR 1,199. They have several designs that can go with any outfit and are super comfortable. You can choose from hand-stitched patterns to mirror embellishments and much more. The best part? The maintenance of these shoes is the easiest process! All you got to do is dust them with a dry cloth and they will be as shiny as a new pair.


Their shoes come in  UK sizes so make sure you check their size chart to understand your size.