Please Your Pocket And Your Heart: Take A Day Trip To Tiger Point For Under INR 800

    Lonavala, Pune

    What Is It?

    Whirling winds, gushing monsoon waterfalls and a picturesque valley is what Tiger Point is all about. The site is 76 kilometres from Pune and is a perfect blend of peace, beauty and fun. The clouds surround the valley and make the place feel like heaven, making it a must visit day trip spot.

    The valley, if looked at closely, stands to form a tiger impression – trying to leap across the valley, earning the spot its name. Another highlight is the natural waterfalls during monsoon, which has crystal clear water.

    How Do I Get There?

    The point lies on the Amby valley road between the breathtakingly scenic mountains which dorn lush green vegetation. Catch a train and reach in just INR 90, there is one every 30 minutes but we would recommend an early morning excursion to view the splendid valley. You can also take a bus to Lonavala for under INR 100. However, a cab with an hourly package is the most feasible option. You can also rent a cab/auto from Lonavala station at INR 600 depending on your bargaining skills.

    Anything Else?

    Do not forget to try a bowl of Maggi and Bhutta{corn} at the spot. Tiger point is known to have the most delicious Maggi, and we couldn’t agree more. Also try their ginger tea with biscuits, all under INR 100.


    Prices differ according to the number of people travelling. Try to book an hourly package cab in case of more than 3 people.

      Lonavala, Pune