Driving From Pune To Kolhapur? Here's What You Can Do On The Way


You probably have your list of things to do in Kolhapur ready: gawk at gorgeous temples, buy Kolhapuri footwear and slurp up bowls of spicy rassa. But what will you do on a road trip to the city from Pune? While we know that a road trip is the best way to unwind, the drive from Pune gets better with small detours on your 373 km journey via NH48 to Kolhapur!

Try Authentic Kolhapuri Cuisine

On the way to Kolhapur, take a stop for approximately 5 km before Satara at Manas dhaba and enjoy some savoury and fiery mutton/chicken or some delicious and traditional pithla-bhakri at unimaginably low rates! The full-filling meal here will set the tone for all the meals that'll come your way.

Visit A Sugarcane Farm

Solapur, Satara and Kolhapur are known as the largest sugar producing areas of Maharashtra. Luckily enough, there are farms filled with sugarcane the entire way. Just stop your car and pick up some cases for munching on the way {if you are encountered by an angry farmer, politely offer the price for the canes you have taken, they’re pretty chilled generally}.

A Quick Trek To The Fort

Sajjangadh {literally translating as the fort of good people} is a mere 5km detour from the express way to Kolhapur. This fort has an important place in the history of Marathi literature as it is the resting place of Saint Ramdas Swami.

Pay Homage To A Native Deity

The pink floored temple of Jyotiba, is an awesome destination not only spiritually but also for those perfect #Wanderlust photos for your Instagram. Gulal  is spattered around the temple and adds a beautiful contrast against the fort-temple’s black stone. From the fort, you have a breathtaking view of the dense green mountains and scarcely populated villages between them!

Visit A Wax Museum

Kaneri Math, approximately 20kms outside of Kolhapur district is a wax museum, one of its kind! With sculptures that are life like, this seven acre museum will leave you mesmerised!


Carry ample amount of water, snacks and good playlist of songs and all documents for your vehicle.