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4 Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Bangalore Traffic Police

Abhijeet posted on 09 June

Our first reaction towards the traffic police is often disparaging. While some of us may have a valid reason {given personal experience} to dislike individuals in the department, painting the entire traffic force with a single stroke of brush is too harsh for they are ultimately serving the public good.

You may have heard or read newspaper stories of corruption and ineptitude in the traffic police force but there exist shining examples of efficiency and goodness too. We thought of bringing to the fore, some of those stories from Bangalore that shows the traffic police in a different light.

Clearing Chaos

Most of us will shirk at having to do manual work especially one that involves using our hands to clear a road. While managing traffic may be the job of traffic police, clearing cement off to ensure free flowing traffic is most definitely not on the job profile. And last year in 2015, when K Satyanarayana of Whitefield traffic decided to take matters in his own hands {literally}, the Bangalore police department took notice, along with citizens. Rightfully honoured for diligence and honesty, we celebrate this unsung hero for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Justice Much?

If we are to prepare a list of pain-points in our city, then autowallahs are definitely going to top that list of pet peeves. So, when the Bangalore traffic department took on the ‘rowdy’ and often rude ‘fellows’ in June 2014, we all felt a hint of much awaited justice being served. Add to it, over 3,360 driver bookings and 450+ seizures of autos in a period of 15 hours, the Bangalore traffic police deserves some gratitude.

Fame Via Altruism

If your job entailed standing at a junction for 12 straight hours, withstanding harsh climate and unruly drivers, you are sure to lose your cool. But constable Bhaskar, who is famously referred to as Singham, at Suranjan Das Road in CV Raman Nagar, directs traffic and manages people with good nature, and a smile on his face. Fashioning a handlebar moustache and a love for cricket, Singham inspires us to do a better job.

Are you a fan of Singham Bhaskar too? Check out his fan page here.

The Lone Hero

All of us have found ourselves stranded at the side of the road at some point in time. And when a senior citizen faced the same plight, who came to the rescue? A lone traffic cop. In a rare display of service in December 2013, the traffic police took on the burden of changing the punctured tyre for the senior citizen. This act of random kindness restores our faith in the Bangalore traffic police.

The Bangalore traffic police withstand heat and rain to serve and protect citizens. We all may not be fans of the traffic police but it goes without saying that they have a rather tough job to do especially when they incur constant hate from those they serve. LBB and Lipton Ice Tea celebrate these unsung heroes and wish to #RefreshSmiles by serving chilled Ice tea to the traffic police. Check out the video here.

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