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Irish Orchard To Bottle: Eat An Apple Or Five In This Brand's Refreshing Cider!

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What Makes It Awesome

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' is one way to live. But you may want to seriously follow the 'drink five apples a day to keep a growing waistline away' with Clovers, India's latest entrant in cider, that is completely made and packaged in Ireland.

Created to celebrate the Irish spirit of drinking, Clovers Irish Cider makes quite the journey before it hits the Indian subcontinent. Picture lush apple trees at a sun-kissed countryside orchard in Ireland. Sometime between October and November, these apples are harvested -- not just one, but five different kinds (Dabinett, Michelin, Ashton Bitter, Yarlington Mill and Gilly) before they are carefully sorted, washed, juiced, and then fermented with yeast to finally be bottled and shipped. This carefully controlled process is entirely handled by The House Of Cooneys in Ireland, a family steeped into making ciders since three generations, so you know that you are in for something marvellous. 

Speaking of, what you get is a crisp, sparkling and refreshingly light cider with a wonderful golden straw colour and a distinctive bittersweet cider aroma. Sip on and you'll be hit with subtle tart apples with notes of pears, gooseberries and tropical pineapples. This drink, that can be enjoyed all year round, is also gluten-free and considerably low in calories and alcohol content (4.5 ABV). Basically, a great alternative for the modern day social being who prefers to stay in shape, keep that liver in check and wake up hangover-free. 


Clovers' logo is symbolic of a shamrock (four leaf clover for good luck) and St Patrick, who is believed to have planted the first apple tree in Ireland. This cider is currently only available in outlets across Bangalore and will soon be available in other metros. Hit the 'Enquire Now' button for outlet details. A 330ml bottle is priced at INR 280.