Byg Brewski Is Now Back With A Bang!

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I visited one of the beloved places of Bengaluru to see how it's faring post lockdown. And I was glad to see a decent amount of people turning out to enjoy themselves and give that much-needed boost to their favourite hangout destination.

At the entrance, they did the hand sanitization and temperature check. Also, it's mandatory to have the Aarogya Setu app installed. So do register on it before you visit. Coming inside, the ambience was as expected very relaxing. They have a huge fish pool which keeps the kids entertained.  The seating has been reduced and there is a digital menu attached to each table.

We tried the below items in food and drinks.

Food we had:
Thai Roasted Chilli Chicken: It was juicy and succulent.  A great start to the meal.

Signature Nachos: This was a no brainer. Their nachos are popular and had to be ordered. They were soon in my belly.

Irani Seekh Kebab: Tandoor roasted mutton kebabs presented like a seekh. It was a showstopper. I would highly recommend this dish if you are a mutton fan.

Red Chicken Pizza: Thin crust pizza with paprika chicken,  olives, jalapenos and onions. It was decent. I was expecting a bit more flavour in the chicken.

Hawaiian Iced Tea: A strong drink, LIIT style. Go for it if you like long Island ice tea.

Screwdriver: It was really refreshing and had a nice fruity orange flavour.

Citrus Whisper:  Vodka, fresh orange, passion fruit and cranberry juice. Another light breezy cocktail.

White Sangria: It had notes of lychee and apple. Good for wine lovers.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake: It was decent. Had a distinct bitter caramel flavour. Go for it if you are well aware of the bitter flavour profile of caramel and like it.

Tres Leches:  Most popular dessert here. A soft and spongy milk cake made with 3 kinds of milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. Just melted in the mouth. An absolute must-have.

I came in expecting a good experience and was not disappointed.  It was reassuring to see people enjoying themselves,  maybe an indication of the good times to come.