Mercedes-Benz To Maruti Suzuki: Make That Road Trip Happen With These Car Rental Services In Bangalore

Always wanted to go on a trip driving a swanky Mercedes-Benz? Or are you one of those folks who loves to drive a more solid SUV? Doesn’t matter, because these car rental services in Bangalore will ensure that you get behind the wheel without having to own a car. So stop waiting for someone in the squad to buy a car, just rent one out and get driving.


Their fleet is quite big with regular fuel-savers like the Ford Figo and Maruti-Suzuki Ritz to the more snazzy Audi Q3 or a Mercedes-Benz GLA. We rented out the Merc on multiple occasions {you can read about that here}, and both the ride and the service was smooth. They even let you drop off in another city if you are going for an outstation journey. An original DL is required for any booking and you can check out their website here to book the car of your preferred choice. Outstation and local rentals are available as well.

Price: Approximately INR 280 upwards for a 4-hour rental period with 100 kilometres free.


Tired of spending too much on cabs? These guys have a Monday-Thursday plan that will let you rent cars and SUVs such as a Renault Duster or a Nissan Sunny. We say, carpool it and make a fun office ride out of this. Apart from this, they have the regular rental {both outstation and local}, where you can rent low-range to mid-range cars and SUVs. They don’t have fancy cars, just your Honda City, Mahindra XUV, and the Maruti Ertiga types. You can opt for a Without Fuel and a With Fuel package. More on that here.

Price: Approximately INR 500 upwards for a 10-hour rental period.


At the time of publishing this recommendation, we found that you can rent a Ford Mustang GT for approximately INR 35,000 for a 12-hour period. And that’s the best of their lot of SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. They have doorstep delivery, no caution deposit required, but you need to be over 21 years, to rent a Myles car. But when there’s a Mustang, do you need anything else? You can book the Mustang here.

Price: Approximately INR 1,400 upwards for a 12-hour rental period with 120 kilometres free.


They have hubs in places such as Kalyan Nagar, airport, Koramangala, and Indiranagar, so if you are looking for within city usage, then you are sorted. Their fleet is also more suited to city drives, sans a few SUVs that are ideal for outstation trips— Tata Safari and Mahindra TUV. Their minimum rental period is three-hours and they offer fuel-free packages for over 12 hours of rental. You can check out the fleet here.

Price: Approximately INR 166 upwards for a three-hour period.

Vroom Drive

Their fleet is located in Marathahalli and Bilekahalli, so it’s great for those who live in that area. Nothing too fancy, just your regular sedans and SUVs make up the fleet. Ford Aspire or a Mahindra XUV 500 is perfect for those early morning rides to Nandi Hills. Their minimum rental period is six hours after which you will be charged by the kilometre. You can check out their website here.

Price: Approximately INR 540 upwards for a six-hour period.

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Vroom Drive


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