Chiang Mai Curries And Fermented Specials: This Indiranagar Eatery Is Doing Thai Different

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Bored of the usual coconut milk curries and the basa posing as fish, then Indiranagar restaurant Siam Tradiing Co’s Thai menu with regional specials that go beyond Bangkok, will make you really happy. Plus, their fermented dishes are really special!

Chow Down

Beef and Rambutan Soup, Pork Rib and Bamboo Shoot Soup, Grilled Prawn And Charred Tomato Salad, Fried Sour Pork, Chicken Chiang Mai Curry

Sip On

Salted Plum Sour

Winning For

If you are looking beyond the usual coconut milk based Thai curries and want real flavours and textures in your food, then Siam Trading Co’s menu is made for you. Plus the cocktails also come with fun Asian touches.

Lowdown on The Ambience

If you have been to One Night In Bangkok, then the ambience here will be of no surprise to you, because essentially everything is the same. Oriental umbrellas as ceiling decor, a nice and dinghy bar {remember they had a Thai bar vibe previously}, and a open seating area to chill too apart from regular booth like seating.

What's On The Menu?

While One Night In Bangkok was an out and out bar situation, the owners wanted to pay some attention to the menu rather than just drinks and bar bites doing the rounds. We hear the Thai chef who was working the kitchen was offended because his precious food was not moving. After some research and a bunch of visits to Thailand beyond touristy Bangkok, the menu got a makeover. Enter fragrant curries, fruits in soups, fresh salads, and fermented meats.

We started off with a beef and rambutan soup — slivers of beef cooked in stock with the equally meaty and pungent rambutan. The pork rib soup was a familiar taste because of a generous use of bamboo shoot {reminded me of Naga food}. Then we moved on to a fried fish {telapiya and not basa thankfully}, batter fried and served with piquant mango dip and topped with crunchy sprouts. The prawn salad had oodles of flavour thanks to the addition of charred tomatoes. Generous splashes of fish sauce gave the salad the requisite punch.

From Sour Pork To Cocktails

If you love pork, you will love their Sour Pork starter, where the fermented meat is tossed with garlic, and dried red chillies. The sour flavours matched the umami of the meat so well. This is one dish we are going back for. Our mains were the incredibly flavourful Chicken Chiang mai curry, again a fiery curry with chicken cooked with bamboo shoot, fermented garlic, pok choy, and local greens. This curry was all kinds of wonderful and went so well with the steamed rice {don’t opt for the sticky rice}.

Siam Trading Co doesn’t do desserts yet and I’m OK with that because South East Asian desserts don’t cut it for me. But make sure you order their cocktails. Our Salted Plum Sour was an excellent salt-rimmed number with whiskey shaken with plum sauce, and Sprite. Not too sweet, we loved the tart and fresh flavours of this cocktail.

So, We're Thinking...

We found the dishes a bit lacking in the presentation department, but that might be because we tried tasting portions. We are also going back to try more of the meats and the fermented dishes.


Siam Trading Co is on Swiggy, guys. So order away. But the menu is not available on Friday and Saturday evenings, because weekend evenings are dedicated to drinks and a bar menu.