Private Pools, Backwaters And Island Bungalows, This Resort In Kumarakom Is A Slice Of Paradise


    Capturing the essence of Kerala — be it the backwaters, the traditional homes or the food, Coconut Lagoon is where you go to relax, take it easy and be a bit self-indulgent.

    Island Life

    Built on a coconut grove, on the Vembanad Lake with water channels dividing the entire property, Coconut Lagoon is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. And while you may at first gasp at the price, about INR 12,000 approximately a night, I truly think it’s well worth your money. How often do you get to live on an island, with a fancy bungalow to call home, and a magical swimming pool under swaying coconut trees to lounge in. Oh, plus Kerala food served on a banana leaf to keep things local and authentic.

    On The Water

    I walked in quite wide-eyed not quite expecting it to be as serene as it was. Pictures told me that my room would overlook the lake, and I may need to use a boat to get from the reception area to my poolside bungalow. But I didn’t believe it until I was actually living this dream. From the jetty to the narrow canals, the boat took me straight to check in, after which I went to my room — a traditional Kerala-style house with a courtyard, backyard that overlooks the lake {there’s a lovely wall with windows to give you privacy}, and a private plunge pool to wallow in all weekend long.

    Rustic in ambience {with a bamboo balcony over the water}, but modern in terms of amenities, I enjoyed the balance of old and new. High beds, antique furniture and tiled roofs give it a traditional feel. If you’re like me, then you’ll dive {OK, waddle} into the plunge pool and stay there a while, as it even has a view of the backwaters. And then you’ll take an extra long shower in the open shower just because it’s cool! There is also 30 acres of the property to explore. And I wanted to do it all by boat. A novel experience for kids, and quite likely most adults too, you want paddle away from your room, to the dining area, or just use the arched bridges.

    Being Eco-Friendly

    Bird watching, eco-walks and history lessons on Kerala will fill up your day, and if you’re up for it, kick things off early with a yoga session. To really soak in the Kerala culture and oil, head to the Ayurvedic Spa for a soothing Shirodhara session. In that half slumber, load up on traditional Kerala cuisine — from Karimeen Pollichathu with paratha and Meen Moilee with appams to chicken curry and of course, payasam, they get their food right.

    That said, don’t expect this to be your swish modern hotel. They take pride in being traditional, rustic even, but without lowering levels of comfort and luxury. So if you see a bug or insect in your space, just remember it’s also their space.