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Flaunt The Gorgeous Madhubani Art Form With Handmade Masks From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    One look at the masks from Instagram brand, Just Mask and you know you will be making a fashion statement the Indian way while staying safe! We certainly think these pretties are a sight for sore eyes and a great way to be #vocalforlocal. All you have to do is see (and read) to believe.

    Founder, Aayushi works with women artisans in her hometown, Darbhanga, Bihar to spotlight Madhubani art (originating in the same town) through the need of the hour. Each of these masks are hand painted using only organic, plant-based dyes. The designs are intricate and nature inspired -- flowers, peacocks, fish, and look faultless. We are totes crushing on the contrast in colours and the fact that these are all pure khadi cotton (max level comfy). These are also 3-layered and fit snugly behind the ear while offering full coverage. A mild hand wash is recommended before reusing the masks.

    Just Mask also takes custom bulk orders. They recently designed handloom cotton masks, with elaborate designs for an intimate wedding. So if you're looking to surprise your barathis, you know what to do. Prices for an individual piece is INR 199, if you choose to buy two or more, each mask will cost you INR 169.


    DM Just Mask on Instagram to place and order and to check out their collection. They ship pan India.