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Best Ways To Make Your Balcony Or Patio Like It's Straight Off Pinterest

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If you love your outdoor space as much as we do, then chances are you spend a LOT of time there. Not only does it give you a breather from the rest of the house, but it also is an oasis to escape to post work or a tiring day of being a parent-teacher-chef-cleaner all rolled into one. So, make it that bit more whimsical and soothing with our pick of things that will make your balcony or patio look like it's straight out of Pinterest. And don't worry, if you have plenty of space on the balcony, or it's a barely-there one, there's something on this list that you can definitely add to make it all perfect! 

Hammocks & Swings

If you’re lucky enough to have space, then definitely get a hammock for yourself! Nothing like a hammock to bring in those island vibes - no matter the actual location or weather. It is also really easy to dismantle and put back up, so when it does get rainy or windy, you can always unhook them, and when the sun’s out, reinstall them. If you’re thinking that a hammock is too uncomfortable, then opt for a hanging bed or large-ish swing. We love the one from Sirohi as well as the collection of hammocks from Hang It. But remember, all of these need to be swiftly moved indoors during the rains! 

So, if you’re looking for entirely weatherproof, look no further than Curio Centre - a brand based out of Pondicherry, and one love for their PVC Swings! They also do double seater swings, and different kinds of hammocks if you want something edgy.

Lanterns & Lights

Fos Lighting

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It’s not a cool enough set-up if it doesn’t have lights, eh! Have you not seen enough Hollywood romantic films to know that you need your balcony and patio to either have fairy lights, gorgeous lanterns or even all-weather lamps? Glimmer Lighting is THE place to stock up on fairy lights and lighting with quirk. Star strings, crystal cones, curtain string lights, and even drop string lights will make your space much more magical. For something more classic but which will add plenty of character, this Classic Black Small Outdoor Lantern Light by FOS Lighting is spot on. For old-school lanterns that will brave any storm, check out 528Hz. They have a few lanterns for you to dot your balcony or patio with. 

Rugs & Mats


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Yes, you’re going to have to cart it in if it rains, but for the most part of the year, you can freely leave your rugs and mats outside. We’ve picked out the brands that do rugs best and you can check it out here. You best get one that can be washed easily, as it’s outside, you know the dust is coming. For those who have the patience, and really want something different, IKEA has lovely floor decking options starting at just INR 900. With nine pieces of flooring, you can order in as many as your balcony is likely to need. These pieces come in different patterns and colours, and are ideal for 9sqft of space. Some rain or shine, these will make your floor look pretty, and the best part is, you can cut them into different shapes, if you have awkward corners to deal with

Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to furniture, you’ve got to be a bit smart. You need it to be all-weather, or at least a bit sturdy so one little drizzle doesn’t ruin the show. While you can easily shop for you classic Indian home Nilkamal off Amazon, don’t. Check out these brands instead, that do garden and outdoor furniture really well. Sirohi is another go-to for outdoor furniture that is chic, handwoven and unique. They have lovely bar stool chairs, swing beds, plastic chairs and plenty more. Check it out here. But be warned, these need to be brought in during the rains. 

Throws, Cushions & Poufs

House This

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When the weather’s good, there's no place like the outside. Make sure your space is cosy with throws, cushions and pouffes. You don’t need us to tell you that it’s best to take these in the rain, but through winter, summer and autumn, you’re fine! Check out our favourite throws for you to snuggle under, or “throw” onto your outdoor furniture. They’re different shapes, sizes and colours, so take your pick. When it comes to cushions and covers though, go bright! We’ve picked out statement cushion covers that will add colour, character and fun to your balcony. Oh! And check out House This as well, for some super cool cushion covers. But more importantly, it’s the trend of 2022! Muted wall paint, jazzy accessories. So, get on it, y’all! Another trend for the year is the revival of pouffes and footstools. Check out Sashaa World and Amoli Concepts for them.

Plants & More Plants

Kaksh Studio

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If you can't be in the lush greenery, then bring the lush greenery to you. Throw in plenty of pots and plants and you've got yourself a mini garden, no matter how much space you have. Or don't have! You can decorate the corners with tall plants like the Snake Plant, a couple of Palms, Philodendron and more. And get creative with pots and planters too. If it's a smaller space, then maybe get plants that fit into the tall planters from Kaksh Studio. Since they're not set on the floor, they even give you the illusion of space. Better still, add plants on the walls. Thanks to this nifty little wall planter from Trellis Bliss, you don't even need to take space on the floor. If you don't really have time for plants and their general well-being (what, it takes time and effort!) then opt for fake real plants which you cannot kill even if you tried! Or, invest in botanical prints that will make you feel like you have plants! Check out these gorgeous wall art options that will add a pop of green or floral delight. 

Dreamcatchers & Wind Chimes


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No matter how fancy, simple, large or small your balcony is, there's always room for a touch of magic. How? A dream catcher, of course. From the humble hoop and woven threads to one of the most added feature to any household, this decor piece is a must-have. Elaborate, simple, boho or bright, we've narrowed down the best LBB has to offer here.

Don't want to catch dreams? Opt for chime instead. For an offbeat desi wind chime, check out Forestkraft here. I also highly recommend the wind chimes from Unravel. They're also desi but offer terracotta options, wooden ones and even brass and bamboo ones. 

If you have time, and want more choice though, check out the entire collection of Dreamcatchers & Wind Chimes on LBB.

Other Accessories

You gauge the space and we'll give you options! And to simplify it, we've broken it down.

For Concrete Options: Rain proof, sun proof, and almost child and pet proof, concrete is in trend and how. Check out Elite Earth and Conkreate for our pick of the most colourful, useful and durable pieces. 

For Metal Options: Floor candle stands, planters, urulis or cane and metal planters, look no further than The Decor Remedy

For Macrame Wall Decor: It's easy to hang on a wall, or even on the upstairs neighbours water pipe, so stock up on the best of macrame decor. We've narrowed it down for you with our pick of the best macrame decor pieces; you're welcome.

For Wall Art: Go on, get yourself botanical wall art if you don't want to add more real flowers to the set up. Shop here!

For Candles: Nothing says romance like candles. So when you curl up on the rug outside, wind chimes gently tinkling, then bring out the candles. Pick from our list of best fragrant candles or pick the best natural candles