Themed Gifts And Hampers For Any Occasion Made Easy With This Brand

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    If you have a birthday party, family function, or any gathering coming up and the COVID fear has laid waste to all your plans of stepping out, Mint Green Studios is here for you. Bengaluru-based Megha started this gifting company in 2017 to provide easy gifting solutions for corporate events. Currently, the studio handles gifting for parties, functions and corporate gatherings. 

    Their gift hampers are custom-made and they also use products made completely by them as a gifting option. Some of their own bestsellers are the mesh frames which can be used as a feature wall and decorative boxes made from scratch. Of course all of these are customisable and can be reused. Mint Green sells gifts such as personalized coffee mugs, wine glasses and paper crafts that elicit happy memories and are long-lasting by using pictures, cards and other such memorabilia on them. So now you know that you’re in for a sentimental dose of joy with these gifts. While their papercrafts start at INR 300, their hampers go upto INR 8,000. 

    Send them a text on WhatsApp/Instagram, explain your requirements, budget and occasion you want the gifts for. Then, they suggest gifting ideas from brands they have tie-ups with and upon your choosing, source the required number, pack those gifts (something they pride themselves on) and deliver it to your doorstep on the day specified. Pay them once you finalise and done! Your gifts are on the way. 


    They handle the logistics themselves and deliver pan-India.