Turn Into A Fit Water Baby With Private Aqua Aerobics Classes From John

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John’s Aqua Aerobics Classes


Just as advantageous as a ‘dry’ fitness programme, John’s aqua aerobics classes works all the right muscles in the comfort of your own pool or even your friend’s building pool!

Underwater Toning

For some time now, people have been raving about aqua aerobics classes and the benefits. For those of you who remain oblivious to this new trend, it’s basically aerobics in water. While it seems oh-so-much easier, what with the water making the body lighter, you’re actually exercising the same muscles as you would if you were performing it on regular ground. Add in the effort, put in against the water resistance and buoyancy and there you have it, the perfect workout. Also, with lesser risk of injury!

Take The Plunge

Naturally, I decided to take a look at what the fuss was about, so I headed to instructor John’s class for the ladies of Cooke Town. The session, a basic level so everyone could keep up, included cardio, endurance and strength training of varying intensity. It began at a fairly consistent and slow pace for the warm up and then the tempo gradually rose from there. With only 30 second breaks, the sets of exercises became increasingly longer and faster which was surprisingly tiring, but fairly easy to keep up with. For now.

Making use of dumbbells and floatation devices, John makes sure that all muscles are put to work. High knees, cycling, lunges and jumps, his routine sure packs a punch! Focusing on a full body work out, he demonstrated the movement and had us repeat it in the water. While it felt like I was putting in minimal effort, I could definitely feel the strain when I dried off.

Personal Attention

What I love about these sessions is that John is more than willing to help if you’re struggling. While the session I attended had 12 people, if you’re regular and serious about it, he’ll go for one-on-ones as well. He constructs regimes suited for the specific parties, upping his game for those looking to burn maximum calories. For someone who loves being in the water like me, this is the perfect way to keep active and stay fit. But don’t fret if you don’t know how to swim, he’ll turn you into a water baby in no time!

Price: INR 1,200 per class

Contact: Call John on +91 9886327535

Featured image for representational purpose via: Wikimedia


If you or your building owns a pool, then John is game to swing by and teach a class of minimum two {rope in your bestie for this one}. Don’t have a pool, but want to attend a class, then John will fit you into his schedule and the venue.

Classes & Workshops

John’s Aqua Aerobics Classes