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Car Or Bike Broke Down? These Assistance Guys Will Rescue You 24/7

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Ready Assist

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Our new roadside saviours, Ready Assist is a 24-hour service that’ll help you out of any roadside situation. Sticky brakes, overheated car engines or flat tires, it’s Ready Assist to the rescue.

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times have we found ourselves in a sticky situation right in the middle of the road? Be it a broken down car engine or locked brakes, this is a jam you don’t want to be stuck in. Well, no more helplessly opening your car’s bonnet trying to figure out where the smoke is coming from or wheeling your bike to the nearest puncture shop. Just give the folks over at Ready Assist a buzz. A 24-hour service that will get you out of any vehicular troubles, Ready Assist is our new go-to when our trusty motor steeds fail us. Promising to send a mechanic or technician to you in under 30 minutes, any time any day, Ready Assist will get you out of your fix, be it a repair issue, breakdown support and will even tow you home if it comes to that.

How it all works is you can either call them on 7676188188 or have the app downloaded on your phone and you’ll be entitled to discounts and deals. There’s a minimum consultation fee of around INR 300 and unless there’s some major repairing or service to be done, that should cover your costs. Quite prompt, they’ll be right at the scene as soon as they can to help you out. In fact, this writer had a sticky brake problem on a bike, just last week, and they arrived promptly within 30 minutes to help. They even do a quick check of the vehicle for any little problems they can fix right away. Offering roadside assistance to bikes and cars, they’re well equipped to handle the wrath of the road and its impact on your set of wheels.

So next time, if there’s something strange going on under your car’s hood, who you gonna call? Ready Assist!