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Bring Home Some Freshness With This Green Decor Brand's Self-Watering Plants And Planters

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Adding a patch of green to your space with self-watering planters or going all out with a vertical garden is all possible thanks to the green decor brand Simply Farm. Their tabletop planters start at INR 400. Nothing like adding some green goodness to your space right? The folks at Simply Farm are all about adding greenery to any and every space with their collection of self-watering plants, vertical gardens, and hydroponics. 

    For those who are looking to just add some greenery to their room, we recommend the table top planters. The plants include money plants, snake plants, and peperomia, and come in cute colourful pots. Even folks working corporate jobs with sombre cubicles, these cute tabletop self-watering planters can brighten up your space. All you need is to add water and since they are self-watering, all that excess water is stored for later use. Plus, no leaks or mess! 

    The bigger self-watering plants are similar to the ones you see dotted at the hallways of fancy hotels and offices. These are more suited to rooms with more space and when you want plenty of greens but in a controlled setting. Vertical gardens and hydroponics are perfect for those who are serious about having their own kitchen garden or home garden. The vertical gardens are perfect for creating those pretty wall of green that you have seen at 1131.


    They have an experience center near Lal Bagh where you can check out their range of soilless cultivation products. 

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