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You've Got To Hit Up These Places For The Most Killer Views Of Bangalore

Sure we love our rooftop restaurants and bars, and in Bangalore, it isn’t too hard to get a decent enough view when the sun is setting. Or even otherwise, really. But, for that spectacular view that is not obstructed by an ugly building or the neighbouring apartments laundry, we’ve narrowed it down to spots that are truly gorgeous — be it night or day. From overlooking lakes to army barracks, go have a drink and fall in love with Bangalore, again.  

Sitting atop the World Trade Centre-Bangalore, at a height of over 420 feet, High Ultra Lounge is probably one of the tallest points {and the highest lounges} in South India. Food is global so you can snack on skewered chicken, prawns or vegetables, sushi, dumplings, before filling up on noodles, rice and curries. Try their cocktails too — the martini is a favourite, while watching the sunset. It’s truly an exciting experience that will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world.

Feeling the love? This Italian restaurant at the Conrad overlooks the gorgeous Ulsoor lake {what, it is pretty. Don’t hate!}, and with the infinity pool part of the space, it just adds to the beauty. During the day, it is refreshing to see the green lake and trees in the distance. Dusk is most beautiful here, as the setting sun’s orange reflects onto the water — simply marvellous. By night, it’s as romantic as it gets with the city lights twinkling around and lighting up the lake. With Bellinis and bruschetta in hand, it’s Romance 101.

Read more about it here.

Smack in the centre of town, at the top of UB City, what makes this one a winner is that it’s higher than all the surrounding buildings. That means unobstructed views for as far as the eye can see. With Cubbon Park nearby, one side overlooks the lush green space {and at night it’s like a dark carpet with street lights dotting it}, the other in the CBD that comes alive with all sorts of lights. The contrasting sights makes it well worth a visit, and the fact that the place has good food and music, makes it a winner.

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