Don't Worry About Choosing Between Wine And Coffee At This Cute Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome

Whoever loves the Old Bangalore vibe, but all the wonderful offerings of the 21st century, visit Trippy Goat at Hatworks Boulevard on Cunningham Road. Surrounded by greenery and colonial structures, it’s a great spot for a date, catchup, or even work on occasion (like team LBB has!). Options for seating are available outdoors (under the shade of trees, or on the patio), as well as indoors with easy access to the coffee and wine bar. The space is unpretentious, and cosy without the use of too many decorative elements, making it ideal for conversations and great meals that fuel them. 

They have larger plates for meals - like Tenderloin Burgers, Fish & Chips, and Gratin’d Vegetables. But, hello appetisers and small plates! French Fries is the current favourite, especially the creamy dip it comes with. You can even make a garlic, paprika or Truffle oil version. If you’re not counting calories, the Chicken Pops are deliciously fried and addictive. We are not the biggest fans of the Mezze Platter but Baked Mini Samosa - stuffed with onion and potatoes, was a proper hit. For something substantial but not heavy, pick their sandwiches - signature ones or the regulars. Both come with fries. 

Of course, we didn’t leave without ordering multiple cups of coffee. Pick from light or medium roasts or the seasonal speciality as manual brews - Aeropress, French Press, Kalita Pour Over or Chemex. Or you can play it safe and, settle for the Espresso-based Coffees or the Flavoured Cappuccinos, we also highly recommend the Hibiscus or Signature Blue Tea. We’ve already planned a wine-tasting for our next visit to enjoy the extensive selection, especially wines from local labels, the likes of Early Dark and Grover Zampa. 


There's parking available within the premises, on a first come first serve basis.