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More Than Just Coffee: Cafes In Bangalore With The Best Ambience

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Even with new cafes that keep coming up in the city every now and then, we just never seem to get enough of them. I think we should blame the coffee shop trend on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. After all, what better way to spend a lazy day than by whiling your time away at one of these cute places, with a steaming mug of coffee and friendly banter? Well, unless you count great ambience and the bonus of a great view! That will certainly make heading to such cafes more appealing be it for a date or just catching up with friends. So, go ahead, pick from our list of charming cafes whose menu and decor have won our hearts and time. 

Disclaimer: The following restaurants are open and following all Covid-19 safety and sanitisation protocols. Make sure to wear your masks, carry your own sanitisers for extra protection and maintain social distancing while visiting these restaurants.

Cafe Down The Alley

Whether you decide to gorge on the all-day breakfast or sandwiches here or just sit back, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, the cheery ambience, full of superhero art and merch at Cafe Down The Alley is bound to make you stay longer than you intended. Sip on a cuppa with the Justice League, or play a board game or few with your squad. The ambience coupled with the super reasonable rates, we could just sit here all day! 

Cafe Cassia

Built around an open courtyard and housed in Cinnamon Boutique, Cafe Cassia’s simple yet appealing setup is great for when you want to catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee. Or even to just sit and work in peace for a while! With art on the walls and stores all around, don’t be surprised if you end up spending a whole day there. The focus here is healthy and fresh food. So, load up on the salads and sandwiches, and end with one of their desserts. Trust us on this, the food and set-up is very inspiring – both creatively and culinarily.

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Don't let the fact that it's in Sarjapur put you off, because Zoey's is pretty whether you plan to sit and enjoy the natural lighting, or the pops of colour and art on the walls. When you're greeted by the bicycle at the entrance, you'll realise that the slightly mismatched furniture, indoor decor and greenery, all add to the whimsical charm of the place. Add to that their all day breakfast, a quick salad, or a sandwich and you might never want to leave. 

Fresh Pressery Cafe At Good Earth

For feel-good, rustic vibes, Fresh Pressery Cafe will have you breathing out all your stress, and tucking in healthy and tasty treats. Sit for a gossip sesh over some tea with your gal pals after shopping, sip on one of their signature cold pressed juices. Their clean eating menu (they even have keto options) options are light and refreshing, just like their cafe space, full of foliage and flowers. 

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The Rogue Elephant

With a boutique, decor store, greenhouse, and plenty of antiques and statement garden decor amidst lush greenery, Rogue Elephant in Basavanagudi is a slice of peace. Their menu is pretty simple with Continental, Indian, and a small number of Indo-Chinese options. You can sit at the patio with a hot cuppa and a book all day as the tranquility and good vibes seep through you. Come evenings, fairy lights transform the place into a cute date spot. We recommend the lasagna when things get cool, and the salad for warm summer days.

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Dyu Art Cafe

Designed much like an old Kerala house, Dyu Art Cafe is known just as much for its amazing ambiance as for their food. Think open courtyards, gabled roof, red oxide flooring, and cemented seats, all adding to the quaint charm of the cafe. Of course, artworks on the walls to gawk at while you sip on a cup of Cafe Mocha or Cold Coffee, adding that eclectic touch. However, if you want to go bonkers at their sugary offerings, we highly recommend their Chocolate Cake and their Banofee Pie, both of which are house specials. We could spend many an evening here, lost in a book and savouring the pleasant vibes of the place. 


Nestled in greenery off Queen's Road, Champaca is a bookstore cum cafe. So the vibe is peaceful, green, and the food is healthy and fresh. With an earthy vibe, overlooking the lush residential lanes outside and an avocado tree right in the middle, it feels like time stops still for a while when you're in there. They have healthy dining options and also juices to make the experience more memorable. 

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Green Theory

With all-white decor, cobblestoned pathways, and flowering creepers in addition to the canopy, Green Theory will help you wind down, whether you dine outdoors or in. We're calling dibs on the outdoors though, because it's downright gorgeous, especially after a rain. Imagine dining under a canopy, reading a book, enjoying Bangalore's nippy weather while you chow on some delicious vegetarian food (with Jain options too). We recommend their pizzas. 

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Third Wave Coffee (HSR Layout)

While the older lot has good coffee, nothing like coffee with great ambience! And the latest of the TWCs located in HSR is our top favourite. It makes you feel like you're not in Bangalore really. Although Sarjapur probably feels that way anyway! Set in a sky-lit space with loads of indoor plants, easy garden-style seating, and a massive open counter for all your coffee needs, it's a pretty space. Apart from the coffee, head here for brick-oven baked pizzas. But if it is coffee you're looking for, my favourite is the Cortado. Pair it with the Japanese Cheese Cake (on a good day, as they're not always fresh) or the cinnamon roll, and you'll be a happy camper. 

Trippy Goat

Smack in the centre of the city, on Cunningham Road, Trippy Goat keeps it simple in a grand old bungalow. Remember Hatworks Boulevard and the little cottage beside it? Well, that's Trippy Goat for you. They have an alfresco section under the trees, an outdoor but covered space ideal to watch the rain from, and an inside too which is airy thanks to the massive windows. Get the cold coffee here; it's old school, strong and made with vanilla ice cream and not just loads of ice. Other coffees to try are the cappuccino (authentic and comes with a mini biscuit) or the salted caramel coffee which is an LBB team favourite. 

Happy Belly Bakes

This one on Primrose Road not only has an outdoor area, but two indoor sections too. One is much brighter and perfect for you and your boisterous buddies. The other is further in the cafe and ideal for quiet time with yourself or for an intimate conversation. The ambience is courtesy Happy Belly Bakes but the coffee is by Coffee First. I'm a fan of their Orange Cold Brew. It's strong, has a tangy flavour that isn't overwhelming and is refreshingly not sweet. I also recommend the cinnamon cappuccino for something warm and comforting. 


OK, not your typical cafe, Airlines is where you must go for old school vibes, some political discussions, after a Cubbon Park walk or just to put one quick scene and filter coffee. That obviously leads to a dosa or two. And the quick scene becomes a long meeting! While the service and food isn't as good as many years ago, you go here for the atmosphere. Ashte.