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Vegetarian Restaurants Around MG Road That Go Beyond Just Paneer and Veggies

If you’ve ever been shunned for ordering vegetarian food by your carnivorous friends, this is your chance to turn things around. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian restaurants aren’t as meek as people think they are. MG Road, being the centre of the city, has one of the largest and most varied selection of vegetarian restaurants. Be sure to take your friends along to these restaurants to show them how bacon isn’t the only food that can make your heart skip a beat, and not just literally. After all, Popeye didn’t get those guns, eating sausages!

Well placed within a serene bungalow, with outdoor seating among the garden charm, the Green Theory is a great place to dine for vegetarians. Their ambience sets the mood, that their food backs up. When it comes to food they serve every other cuisine, with Indian, Italian, Mexican and a wide spread of indulgent desserts and drinks, along with even keto and vegan options. Their mezze platter and mushroom pasta, followed by a slice of cheesecake, in the midst of overshadowing trees, flowery creepers, and beaming smiles would be a meal that turns a bad day around. 

Rasovara is located in UB City and serves pure vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine, with thalis that make you salivate at the thought of it. The sheer grandiose of the feast coupled with the surrounding of UB City will make you feel imperial. Although they offer ala carte, we recommend you go for the thali as it gives you a taste of everything Rajasthani. 

Located in St. Mark’s Road, MTR is an iconic South Indian breakfast spot in Bangalore. With steaming hot idlis, buttery crisp dosas and an array of chutneys, it’s no wonder why the restaurant is swamped with masses all the time. Don’t just limit yourself to breakfast though, and try out their thali for lunch. There’s no way you’ll leave MTR without an added bump over your belly. 

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